Desk and Room Booking Software

Help your teams seamlessly find and book the spaces they need using our flexible, enterprise-level desk and room booking software.


Desk and Room Scheduling Made Easy

Find and reserve the ideal place to meet or work — at the office or on campus ― with Accruent EMS meeting room booking and desk booking system.

Simplify Room Booking

Easily reserve, modify, or cancel desk and room bookings directly at your point of need using our EMS mobile app, web tool, kiosks, or calendar integrations.

Enable Thoughtful Collaboration

Foster innovation and collaboration by sitting in designated neighborhoods or allowing flexible self-service based on space type, equipment, nearby amenities, and more.

Streamline Hybrid Work

Give your hybrid, remote, and in-person employees easy access to the spaces and equipment they need to work seamlessly and efficiently.

Work With Your Existing Tech Stack

Working with a SIS, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Zoom, Skype, or other popular apps and systems? EMS integrates with all your favorites in a single, flexible interface.

Maximize Insight With Powerful Reporting

Get instant visibility into meaningful desk analytics like where employees are sitting, which spaces are underutilized, and where you can make better space and lease decisions.

Automate the Booking Experience

Deliver automated confirmations, change notifications, space alerts, and real-time requests. Make easy changes and updates whenever necessary.

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How does desk and room booking software support flexible work environments?

With the global migration to remote or hybrid work arrangements, desk and room booking software is now more important than ever to maintain organizational cohesion.

Using effective desk and room booking software, workers can reserve desk space on the days they will be in the office and allow other team members to book those spaces when they are remote. This allows teams to make more efficient use of limited space and removes any confusion around seating.

No need for old school seating charts, either! Desk and room booking software provides a virtual view of any office floor, allowing managers to keep track of who is in the office on any given day.

Is desk and room booking software suitable for different types of organizations?

Yes, desk and room booking software can provide value for any organization that needs help arranging a space.

Examples range from large enterprise companies with multiple floor office setups or even small college classrooms. Regardless of purpose, this software works well for organizations that are trying to create order within their physical spaces.

It does not matter if workers are 100% in the office or remote, there’s value in simplifying the desk booking process.

Is it easy to implement and begin using?

Accruent’s desk and room booking software can be adopted and utilized seamlessly from day one.

Once you have uploaded organizational details and space information, you can start having your user's login and create bookings.

And, if you are expanding to a new location that has limited meeting spaces, you can get the software up and running immediately so team members can start adding their bookings to the calendar.

How does desk and room booking software boost employee well-being?

Employees will be happier and more productive knowing that they will have more frictionless experiences booking spaces and reserving rooms.

And this is more important than you might think. Top talent wants to be in control of their work situation and able to adjust their schedules with short notice. Let’s say a manager plans a last-minute trip to come to town for a team meeting and wants to ensure they have a quiet, intimate space for discussions. They would want to have a confirmed booking awaiting them, which can be made in seconds using Accruent.