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Field Service Management Software

Field service is not just an expense — it is a strategic resource that contributes to the top and bottom line. To meet customer and company expectations, you need to lean on field service management software that can allocate resources strategically and optimize their impact.

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Achieve Operational Excellence and Consistent Quality Service

Empower field technicians with the ability to complete tasks seamlessly and efficiently for greater customer satisfaction.

Optimize Field Scheduling

Match the right skillset to the service job, while considering travel and other logistics for optimal service execution.

Ensure Technician Safety

Mitigate risk, decrease liability, and make sure your teams stay safe.

Inventory Management Efficiencies

View part availability for assigned work orders, track inventory and stock levels, and move parts between warehouses for increased efficiency.

Seamless Task Completion

Review recommended parts, report progress and work details, and even add notes and image attachments directly to the work order for effortless task completion.

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Does Field Service Management Software track the locations of field technicians?

Yes, mobile tracking capabilities allow teams to stay in close contact whether on or off the field. This convenience allows dispatchers to assign jobs based on each technician’s availability and proximity to the job site. 

Ensure more accurate arrival times with more optimized routing and streamlined alerts sent directly to customers. Detailed tracking increases uptime and ensures projects get done faster.


Will FSM software keep my data more secure?

One of the key features of Accruent’s FSM software is data security. Even if you frequently share information among team members across locations or geos, you can be secure in knowing that all information is protected. 

Encryption and authentication measures keep bad actors away while allowing pertinent team members the ability to access valuable details at a moment’s notice.

 Keep field data safer 24/7.


Which industries does vx Field work the best?

Industries with a heavy logistical bent, especially those that require large-scale equipment management. This can include retail, warehousing, grocery, utility companies, and service providers. 

Coordinating field services and response times among different types of technicians can be challenging. Accruent smoothes out this process by bringing all of these professionals together into one easy to use system. 

Technicians can painlessly diagnose and resolve issues, uploading details straight into the Vx Field platform. Quickly share and collaborate with relevant team members.