Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)

Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)

Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) or integrated workplace management system, can connect systems to increase productivity, slash costs, maximize transparency and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

What is IWMS software

The Benefits of IWMS Software

Centralize your digital operations and run your facilities more effectively with IWMS software.

Streamline Decision-Making

Today's business decisions must be backed by data. The right IWMS solution can provide the KPI tracking, reporting, and dashboards needed for informed decision-making.

Simplify Ongoing Compliance

An integrated workplace management system can centralize your important reporting, documents, and processes. This can ultimately simplify ongoing compliance with important standards and regulations, including IFRS and FASB lease accounting standards.  

Increase Business-Wide Efficiency

With the right IWMS software, you can gain insight into key metrics like occupancy, space utilization, and more. Use this information to improve practices, optimize budgets, identify inefficiencies and improve your opportunities.

Lower Costs

An IWMS system can lead to proven cost savings surrounding space management, process improvements, streamlined lease administration, and increased data transparency.

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