Companies often use dozens of different point solutions to run their day-to-day business. Because these systems are isolated, businesses waste inordinate amounts of time trying to get a holistic picture for managing their facilities, buildings, and real estate.  

This effort strains existing resources and negatively impacts the bottom line.  

The solution? In the 2022 SPARK Matrix for Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) report, analyst firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions notes that companies are choosing centralized facilities management software solutions that empower facility management personnel, workstation employees, IT departments, real estate professionals, space management strategists, and top management executives to digitalize and manage real-time response to workplace issues.


2022 Spark Matrix Report Recognizes Accruent as an IWMS Innovator

Key IWMS Components

In today’s connected world, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions points out that IWMS vendors are focusing on key offerings such as:

  • Facility management solutions that can assist in delivering safe environments that meet post-pandemic sanitation and cleanliness standards
  • Mobile functionality that promotes self-service and contactless facility management
  • Room and desk booking solutions that support remote and hybrid employees and flexible use of meeting spaces
  • Remote (IoT) monitoring solutions that help organizations transition from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance  

The report evaluates top IWMS vendors and includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major workplace trends, and the IWMS vendor landscape. It also provides competitive analysis and a ranking of the leading IWMS vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix.


Accruent — An IWMS Software Leader  

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions evaluated more than a dozen integrated workplace management system vendors. Accruent placed among its highest scoring vendors, with high marks for both technology excellence and customer impact.

The Accruent suite of integrated workplace management system tools includes:

  • EMS The desk, room, and resource scheduling and space management software minimizes administrative effort by reducing the steps needed to manage a space or resource reservation. Your employees can efficiently create and approve reservations and services, generate and distribute reports, maximize space utilization, and more ― delivering greater business efficiencies. 
  • Lucernex The real estate lifecycle software solution is a comprehensive corporate real estate (CRE) management solution, from site planning to construction project management to lease administration and lease accounting. It ultimately helps you mitigate risk, achieve compliance, understand market conditions, manage new location construction, and connect your contracts, site planning, projects, and transactions for full insight into your entire real estate portfolio. 
  • FAMIS 360 The compliance, asset maintenance, and facility management software supports automated preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance processes so your maintenance team can manage work orders more efficiently, reduce asset downtime, optimize space planning, and increase employee productivity — all without straining resources.  
  • vx Observe Accruent’s vx Observe is an IoT-based asset monitoring and energy management solution that enables organizations to control assets remotely and analyze performance data to predict asset failure, minimize equipment downtime, and reduce maintenance budgets. In addition, vx Observe for energy management helps facilities management teams identify and correct energy usage anomalies so organizations can lower greenhouse gas emissions and manage rising energy costs.


A Comprehensive IWMS Solution

Accruent’s integrated workplace management system applications connect your workflows and systems so your business can increase productivity, reduce costs, maximize transparency and facilitate data-driven decision-making. Thousands of real estate, space management, and facilities management teams in North America and around the globe use our IWMS software to digitally transform operations.

Interested in learning more about how to centralize your digital operations and run your business more effectively with IWMS software? Discover Accruent’s IWMS software.