Medical Equipment Planning Software

Medical equipment planning software helps you access real data from hundreds of millions of work orders so you gain fact-based insights for smarter medical equipment budgeting and capital allocation.

Operating room with equipment budgeted and allocated for through medical equipment planning software

Get Improved Medical Equipment Capital Planning

Medical equipment planning software gives you deep visibility into the cost of medical devices and equipment so you can maximize the patient experience while saving on costs.

Budget more effectively

Lower your operating costs. With unbiased equipment data during critical capital purchasing decision points, you can make more informed decisions.

Gain unprecedented insight

Take the speculation out of assessing clinical equipment. Real-world data illuminates the total cost of ownership, proven asset performance, and estimated asset lifespan.

Benchmark asset costs

Access aggregated asset ownership data from more than 55% of U.S. hospitals, with each model’s key stats ― like the timing of failures, parts cost, and average maintenance hours required.

Improve maintenance processes

Quickly evaluate alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) and other maintenance decisions with data that helps you execute effective preventive maintenance, extend asset life and maximize asset ROI.