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Classroom booking software that unifies event and conference scheduling, academic class and exam scheduling, campus events and space reservation, faculty office bookings and more.

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Classroom & Resource Scheduling from Accruent

Finding and reserving the right space or resources is a critical being successful in any learning environment. And being able to track what people are using and how often they use it can change the way you manage your institution. Accruent’s room scheduling software offers enterprise-class management of your offices, classrooms, event spaces and more.


Drive Productivity

Create a frictionless experience for browsing, booking and using your facilities. Never let technology be the reason something does not get done.

Optimize Your Investments

Understand how people use and engage with your built environment so you can make strategic decisions based on hard data. Increased visibility will enhance your decision-making clarity, spanning your IT, facilities and maintenance departments.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Expectations are changing. As institutions embrace new trends — like flexible study space and remote collaboration — universities need to provide an exceptional experience for students, staff and faculty.

Differentiate Your Brand

Be known for a seamless experience, where students can find the spaces and resources they need when they need them, and your staff can make changes and manage booking with ease. In an time where your environment is a reflection of who you are, ensure students and staff know you for the right reasons.

Create an Exceptional Campus Experience

The state of higher education is always evolving, with remote learning becoming a bigger factor and the next generation demanding new and different experiences.

Support your institution’s modern brand with campus facilities that create enjoyable experiences

Embrace the latest in workplace technologies to prepare your students for the next step while creating a better learning environment

See Greater Value from Your Campus Facilities

Accruent’s campus resource scheduling solution offers robust reporting features for digging into how your classrooms, study spaces and resources are being used. You can final stop guessing which classrooms are used most or which faculty offices are underutilized. With greater visibility across your facilities, you can make informed maintenance, real estate and capital planning decisions.

Integrate with maintenance and facilities tools for increased visibility across your assets

Use built-in business logic to ensure people are using available learning spaces efficiently

Optimize your existing real estate with shared office or study space initiative similar to hoteling

Manage Everything From a Single Platform

Whether space is self-service or requires approval, Accruent’s campus booking solution allows you to seamlessly manage everything from a single cloud-based platform. Minimize administrative legwork by simply reducing the steps needed to manage an event or conference. Create workflows to streamline how meeting space is requested, approved and invoiced, and manage change requests with alerts so everyone has the latest information.

Improve Campus Safety with Accessible Space Usage Data

With everything in a single system of record, you can manage space across your campus facilities and always know where your students and staff are during an emergency. Overlay security maps to create action and response plans and ensure emergency teams have up-to-date information right when they need it.

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Find the best fit for your organization’s unique challenges and requirements.


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