Inefficiencies in facilities maintenance lead to bloated spending and unexpected equipment downtime that can hurt your business operations and make it difficult to serve your customers.

To save money and gain better efficiency, the Internet of Things (IoT) remote monitoring solution is a great tool for businesses searching for a proven solution. Utilising IoT facility management to monitor your critical assets remotely and perform predictive equipment analytics can help your organisation move from reactive and planned maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance, which can drive cost savings and efficiency.

To get the most out of an IoT facilities management solution, there are best practices for implementation:

  1. Have a clear understanding of objectives
  2. Identify critical assets and facilities
  3. Define rules and thresholds
  4. Identify and collect critical data elements
  5. Understand energy spend and how it relates to maintenance
  6. Only create rules that save money for your business
  7. Make your data actionable to save money

Learn best practices for implementing facility management IoT. 

For many facilities maintenance managers, IoT in facility management is the solution they’ve been searching for. You can take in data from critical equipment and control systems without drowning your team in data tables and spreadsheets to look for data anomalies. These data points can tell you when your equipment is beginning to fail so you can make proactive repairs. Any business that utilises critical equipment and wants to stay true to their maintenance budget can utilise and see a return on investment from an IoT platform.

Learn How IoT Remote Monitoring Can Help Your Organisation

Accruent clients utilise our IoT solution to cut maintenance spending, increase equipment uptime, meet compliance needs and reduce unnecessary work orders. Using an IoT solution helps to alleviate the pressures that facilities managers face every day without adding call centres and service bureaus.

Cost savings that can be achieved using Accruent's vx Observe remote monitoring software through:

  • Predictive analytics, responding to issues before they occur
  • Quicker response reduces equipment downtime and impacts
  • Energy savings and optimal equipment performance
  • Improved refrigerated product quality and reduced waste
  • Automation reduces labour and bureau costs
  • Optimised workflow, efficiently routing to correct party for action
  • Remote diagnosis and fix enabled
  • Control actions to retain optimal parameters & save energy (DR)

 Learn how to gain enterprise control of your setpoints for next-level savings.

Q & A about IoT Facilities Management

1. Does Accruent's CMMS include a real-time asset registry?

With Accruent's vx Observe remote monitoring solution, all assets are linked to a controller which has one or more sensors or probes from which we can gather alarm information. In addition to this, we have recently released site mapping.

2. What hardware do I need to support Accruent's software?

The vx Observe IoT for facility management is completely hardware agnostic. Read our article on the importance of this here.

3. Is Accruent's software run completely from the cloud?  

Depending on which software you choose – they can be available as SaaS or on-premise.