The Company

Founded in 2002 in Trento, Italy, New Engineering Srl specialises in a wide variety of engineering disciplines including site and construction, project, and facility management. This highly regarded engineering firm is known for always looking for innovation and experimentation and has been one of the first promoters of building information modeling (BIM) since 2005.


The Project

In 1998, New Engineering was contracted by Ospedale di Bolzano, a leading hospital in South Tyrol, Italy, to construct a new building called Nuova Clinica (New Clinic). This proposed 255,100 ㎥ structure would contain pre-triage, surgery recovery areas, clinics, an emergency room, and a large ICU with five levels above and another two underground. In addition, outside the building, there were plans for central technological, logistics, and voltage infrastructure areas and automated transportation. The total planned investment was approximately 610 million Euros and included 115-260 workers on the site.


The Challenge

This extensive construction project is scheduled for completion between 2035-2037. During this time period, the project will be subject to complex regulatory changes. It will require flexible and versatile document management tools to handle possible changes as they arise. To best meet these challenges, New Engineering was looking for a solution to manage this complex infrastructure with intelligent, digital-data flows. However, finding an engineering document management application that could provide a systematic approach to archiving public and private entities was completely lacking until they found Meridian.


The Solution

The Meridian engineering document management system (EDMS) has allowed New Engineering to easily collect and organise large amounts of data in a digital archive to ensure the success of the Bolzano hospital project. For example, 52 tenders were carried out only for equipment alone. Whether the information came from the project's design phase or during the construction or maintenance phase, it archived over a thousand works while simultaneously providing real-time collaboration with teams of designers, construction managers, safety coordinators, and test drivers.  

Meridian also offers a great deal of flexibility in configurations and workflows and extensive customisation and implementation possibilities. In recent years, with the help of One Team, an Accruent partner, New Engineering has created scripts for processes and procedures that have allowed it to implement a whole series of metadata, information, and useful links. These customised scripts have helped move the project forward quickly and efficiently from the original design to the realisation of the work.

The robust filtering ability in Meridian is yet another valuable capability when searching for specific data or documents. It allowed New Engineering to quickly pinpoint what they needed while browsing over 300,000 documents! The filters can even be updated and replaced at any time to ensure agility as needs evolve.


Collaboration With One Team

One Team partnered with New Engineering in acquiring and implementing Meridian for Bolzano's New Clinic. They also trained all users on the application, modified its functionality according to the initial needs and subsequent implementations, and customised various processes when needed. Their support made it possible to create new procedures for digitalising documents and archiving all data dating back to 2004 and even some data back to 1999.