Deliver an Engaging Customer Experience

Big Box, Mall Retailers, Department Stores, Retail Entertainment

Delivering an engaging customer experience draws consumers in and brings them back. Your brand is now more than ever driven by the quality of that customer experience, even more so than the products you sell. Elevate your brand by making maximum use of service teams, equipment operations, and managing your real estate and equipment leases. Our solutions help make your business more efficient using best practices so you can focus on the experience of your customers every day.

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Retailer Industry Related Products

Lease Administration & Accounting for Real Estate and Equipment

Manage real estate and equipment leases in a single FASB and IASB compliant solution to make real-time decisions that impact the growth, reduce risk and achieve compliance.

Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management

Gain visibility and control over the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventive maintenance, from work order creation and dispatch to completion, invoicing, approval and financial system integration.

Project Management & Capital Project Management

Accruent’s project management solution revolutionizes the way your executive team, development team, general contractors, suppliers, and vendors manage and implement real estate projects by improving communication as well as tracking project scope, design, costs, equipment, and timeline changes.

Remote Monitoring of Mission-Critical Equipment

Predict outcomes and potential failures of equipment remotely using performance data and drive long-term improvements in your asset lifecycle.

Market Planning and Site Selection

Leverage real-time actionable insights to compress site selection cycle times, identify and select new locations, and build faster. Reduce overall costs by automating data collection, negotiation and evaluation to drive growth and manage capital. Increase revenue weeks.

Reinvent Your Retail Customer Experience with Accruent’s Full Lifecycle Management

Accruent is the first to integrate facilities and real estate management technology that gives retailers the data they need to improve the in-store experience and keep customers engaged with their brand.

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