Lx Projects: Powerful Construction Project Management Software

Effortlessly manage new retail construction, grand openings and capital improvement projects, all on time and within budget.

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Scale operations. Control costs. Shorten timelines.

Lx Projects construction project management software is a single source of truth for critical project information.

Deliver projects on time and on budget - Main

Deliver projects on time and on budget

Automated notifications, configurable views and mobile access mean you can track and manage any schedule threats. Realign your resources accordingly to shorten timelines, control costs and improve project visibility.

Deliver projects on time and on budget - Main

Streamline project management

Manage new location construction, openings and capital improvement processes with data-driven insights. Ultimately, this helps you allocate resources, control costs, increase cross-functional collaboration and save time.

Streamline project management - Main

Give the right people the right access

The Lx Projects construction project management system offers individuals various dashboards based on the information they need to know, while keeping sensitive project data out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have access.

Give the right people the right access - Main

Increase financial projection accuracy

Control the time and costs of your construction projects by tracking and managing any threats to your schedule or budget. With Lx Projects, this is done using automated notifications, configurable views and mobile access.

Increase financial projection accuracy - Main

Improve communications

Connect your real estate, accounting and maintenance teams – along with relevant personnel like project managers and general contractors – by allowing all people to access the same system across project modules.

Improve communications - Main

Manage Enterprise Construction Projects at Scale

Stay on time, deliver on your brand's promises, and finish on budget with:

Comprehensive document management - Main

Comprehensive document management

Use Lx Projects to store construction project photos and documents. You can attach videos, documents and photos via mobile device, assign files to individuals, share information on many devices to multiple users, and securely communicate specs to construction firms.

Advanced dashboards and reports - Main

Advanced dashboards and reports

Get a big-picture view of your project and your performance. Use this information to control costs, modify KPIs and make sure that you stay on track. Use Lucernex reporting functionalities to track important data, simplify decision making and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Easy-to-use PM interface - Main

Easy-to-use PM interface

Get a smooth learning curve for your people. Lx Projects’ industry-leading, intuitive interface allows project managers, construction professionals and decision makers to access the data they need to ensure that capital improvement projects are completed on time and at cost.

Lx Projects Mobile: Enable Teams in the Field

Check out the intuitive mobile app that enables construction teams to easily manage key tasks while on site.

Improve productivity

Help your employees and contractors find what they’re looking for — fast. With Lx Projects Mobile, technicians can quickly receive and create work orders on-site via mobile tablet or device, ultimately increasing productivity and streamlining billing.

Reduce errors  - Main

Reduce errors

Have confidence that you’re working with complete, accurate and up-to-date information, whether it’s stored in a PDF, image, text file or other document. Lx Projects is device agnostic, so it works with various systems without the need for customizations.

Streamline communication and approvals - Main

Streamline communication and approvals

With Lx Projects Mobile, you always know who is supposed to be doing what. You can set and modify approvals easily and effectively, as well as access approval requests. A defined schedule management module provides visibility into each technician assignment.

Data-driven decision making

Get the information you need to make better decisions.

Data-driven decision making

Get the information you need to make better decisions.


With Lx Projects, you have improved request for information (RFI) process management, which will ultimately lead to better decision making about suppliers.

Improved requests for information

Improved RFI process management leads to better decision making about suppliers.

Resource management

Inventory management along with contract and change management can help you manage your team’s availability and rates – and avoid overages.

Mobile capabilities

Mobile capabilities allow technicians to receive and create work orders on-site, which can ultimately increase productivity and streamline billing.

Workflow optimization

Discover exactly where you are in a workflow and where you need to go. Help vendors and contractors complete specific tasks and send for correct approval.

International capabilities

Lx Projects offers purpose-built workflows that acknowledge time differences, regional-based reporting needs and an inclusive income lease management suite.

Informative timesheets

Let your on-site team members log their hours, know when your team is working and maximize your overall transparency, flexibility and security.

Industry-leading project management expertise

The Accruent team provides a series of best-practice templates, including suggested workflows to improve cost tracking, bidding and change orders.


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