Lx Transaction Management: Monitor Your Real Estate Transaction Lifecycle

Connect your contracts, site planning, projects, and transactions. As part of your IWMS, Accruent Lx Transaction Management is an integrated solution that helps you manage the real estate transaction lifecycle.


Simplify Real Estate Site Selection and Relocation

Use centralized transaction information to compare scenarios and make effective real estate decisions

Streamline Lease Renewal and Renegotiation

Seamleslly track contracts, approvals, leases, and exceptions to make informed renewal and renegotiation decisions

Help Your Team Communicate More Effectively

Your entire team can use Lucernex to manage deadlines, improve response time, and make sure they have the information they need to work more efficiently

Reduce Costs Over TIme

The right renewal, renegotiation, and relocation decisions lead to lower real estate costs over time

Lx Transaction Management

Explore Lucernex's real estate transaction management module and learn how to make smarter lease renewal, renegotiation, and relocation decisions.

What makes Lx Transaction Management stand out?

This key component of Accruent’s IWMS enables you to seamlessly manage transactions from beginning to end.

Comprehensive KPIs

Choose the KPIs that are essential for your organization’s decision making, like cost per square foot or average price per property.

Deal step management

Get guidance in each lease scenario. Accruent Lucernex Transaction Management shows you process steps for executing on your chosen course of action.

Complete lifecycle management

Connect your transactions, contracts, site planning and project management capabilities as part of your IWMS. The Lucernex solution empowers the real estate lifecycle.

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