Lx Transaction Management: Monitor Your Real Estate Transaction Lifecycle

Connect your contracts, site planning, projects, and transactions. As part of your IWMS, Accruent Lx Transaction Management is an integrated solution that helps you manage the real estate transaction lifecycle.

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Make Better Real Estate Transaction Management Decisions

Have confidence in your transaction decisions with data-driven insights.

Manage the transaction lifecycle - Main

Manage the transaction lifecycle

Gain full insight into your portfolio with integrated real estate transaction management. Understand key activities at each stage so you efficiently manage transactions.

Manage the transaction lifecycle - Main

Reduce costs

Is cost per square foot in the desired range? Are you achieving the fastest possible time to close? Forecast strategy, execute decisions quickly, and realize maximum savings.

Reduce costs - Main

Easily compare transaction options

Gather relevant decision variables into one location. Build out options and justify real estate decisions with scenario comparison tools.

Easily compare transaction options - Main

Increase efficiency

Transaction managers track timelines easily and quickly. Real estate executives know immediately where portfolios stand. Lease admins seamlessly monitor and report on upcoming transactions.

Increase efficiency - Main

Improve collaboration

Improve response time, manage deadlines with transparency and make sure all relevant parties have access to necessary information ― so you can close deals faster.

Improve collaboration - Main

Easy-to-Configure Real Estate Lease Solution

Track and manage real estate transactions in a centralized location.

Comprehensive integrations - Main

Comprehensive integrations

By using Lucernex Transaction Management with Lx Contracts, Lucernex’s lease accounting software, you enhance your real estate portfolio planning. Bring in market data and track historical transaction records so you better understand the value of all locations. Site data from both Lx Contracts and Lx Markets & Sites flows seamlessly into Lx Transaction, allowing you to act on data throughout the application.

Reporting and dashboards - Main

Reporting and dashboards

Effortlessly track versions of leases, contracts, approvals, and exceptions. With Accruent transaction management, you can create a dashboard view of all upcoming transactions ― with the ability to filter on region, status, assignees, and time left on the contract. The summary view is exportable into a report with filters for the region, transaction status, and transaction type.

Multiple schedules for all scenarios - Main

Multiple schedules for all scenarios

Create multiple schedules for each project. Compare key data fields when deciding on lease options scenarios ― including renew, renew and remodel/downsize/expand, terminate and find a new location, terminate and find a new site to build, or terminate and leave the market ― all in a centralized location.

What makes Lx Transaction Management stand out?

This key component of Accruent’s IWMS enables you to seamlessly manage transactions from beginning to end.

Comprehensive KPIs

Choose the KPIs that are essential for your organization’s decision making, like cost per square foot or average price per property.

Deal step management

Get guidance in each lease scenario. Accruent Lucernex Transaction Management shows you process steps for executing on your chosen course of action.

Complete lifecycle management

Connect your transactions, contracts, site planning and project management capabilities as part of your IWMS. The Lucernex solution empowers the real estate lifecycle.


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