The Company

This Accruent customer is the largest private, not-for-profit hospital in Arkansas. It is a nationally recognized, faith-based hospital. Its Little Rock campus has over 800 licensed beds and serves as the organization's flagship hospital.


The Challenge

The hospital wanted to move from the On-Premise platform to TMS OnLine, with their CMMS Administrator explaining, “I quickly understood the benefits of it. Although the cost were slightly higher, the benefits were overwhelming.” Specifically, the switch would:

  • Release the hospital’s team from relying on its Information Systems (IS) department
  • Give the team the ability to access TMS from outside of the hospital’s network  
  • Give the team the ability to submit work order requests from any device from any location inside or outside of the network
  • Allow for automatic upgrades without delay

But getting there was a rocky road. As the administrator explains, “I initially submitted my request to move to TMS online in 2016. At the time, our corporate compliance department was nervous about the move due to a lack of security to guard against theft of protected health information. They felt Accruent did not possess the security features they required to give approval, so the project was shelved.”  

But, several years later, he wanted to try again. “After several years, increased security protocols, and a change of leadership in our corporate compliance department, I re-submitted the request for the move to TMS OnLine. This time, with a better understanding of the process and the security features, the project was granted. In 2023, we made the move, and it has been a positive experience ever since”.


The Solution

Moving to TMS OnLine has come with marked benefits for the hospital:


Simplified System Upgrades

One of the biggest benefits of moving to TMS OnLine was that it removed the organization’s IS department from the equation. As the CMMS Administrator explains, “When on-prem, we had to rely on IS for server issues and assistance with upgrades to the database. Since they weren't familiar with TMS, they would need Accruent's assistance. This caused more delays, as we had to schedule meetings when everyone was available. Now that we are OnLine, we have freed ourselves from these additional headaches. Upgrades happen behind the scenes with minimal service interruptions, and issues with the database – which are extremely rare – are handled by Accruent quickly. This alone is worth the additional costs of being OnLine.”


Easier Access to Data  

“Additionally,” he notes, “Having the ability to access TMS from outside of our secured network is amazing. Although it’s not the easiest to configure, once it’s set up correctly, the benefits of being able to see the data from outside the network are extremely valuable. Specifically, when on-prem, we were restricted to web request submissions from networked computers only. After the move, any mobile device or computer can use web request. We've even rolled out QR codes for web request and posted them in all breakrooms and nurses' stations. We’ve also given all technicians a badge-sized version. This would never have been possible while On-Premise, and it’s a huge time-saver for our team.”