Vx Field: Seamless Field Service Management

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Optimize Scheduling and Dispatch

Automate team scheduling and dispatching using schedule, job, and map-based team views

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Visibility into data like workforce effectiveness and internal process can enable your team to improve team performance over time

Meet Customer Expectations

Improve quality of service to meet rising customer expectations

Maximize Business Value

Help your service team contribute to your organization's bottom line

Field service is not just an expense — it is a strategic resource that contributes to the top and bottom line. Create business value through planning, consistent service execution and performance analysis.

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What makes Accruent vx Field stand out?

With vx Field, use real or projected data to determine future staffing needs at the organizational level or based on specific work centers.

Planning tools

With vx Field, you get demand planning tools, forecasting and planning modules, and a configurable optimization engine.

Decision support

A dispatch board supports fully manual or computer-aided exception management – or a combination of the two.


Data model and workflow extension without coding. Adjust performance management and optimization variables as you need.

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