Vx Field: Seamless Field Service Management

Field service is not just an expense — it is a strategic resource that contributes to the top and bottom line. Create business value through planning, consistent service execution and performance analysis.

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Connect Field Staff and Dispatch with Critical Information

Vx Field is a proven solution that improves service execution, parts tracking, invoicing and efficiency.

Better field service utilization - Main

Better field service utilization

Optimize scheduling based on unique business priorities. With vx Field, you easily manage and react to what’s happening outside your central office, where conditions are often unknown.

Better field service utilization - Main

Increased customer satisfaction

Meet SLAs, increase first-time fix rate and send only qualified people to each job. Service that is delivered correctly and quickly can increase customer retention and revenue.

Increased customer satisfaction - Main

Streamlined inventory management

Monitor warehouse and vehicle inventories to ensure parts availability and improve purchasing decisions. With vx Field, you always know what’s in stock and where it’s located.

Streamlined inventory management - Main

Improved financial performance

In the past, providing service was a cost of doing business. But through strategic resource allocation, Verisae vx Field can help your service organization contribute to the top and bottom line.

Improved financial performance - Main

Greater business value

Capture details from every service interaction by every field resource, internal or external, and analyze results to increase productivity, avoid overstaffing, and improve service metrics.

Greater business value - Main

vx Field Service Management Software for Quality Service

Because quality service is critical to meeting customer expectations yet hard to commoditize, service teams can provide companies a marketplace advantage.

Scheduling and dispatch  - Main

Scheduling and dispatch

Access schedule, job and map-based views of your service team and daily plan. Automate scheduling and dispatch or handle exceptions with manual intervention. Schedule optimization features allow you to use configurable priorities and algorithms to manage your workforce.

Performance management - Main

Performance management

Gain visibility into factors contributing to productivity, workforce effectiveness, customer experience, financials and internal processes. You gain an increased understanding of how technicians operate so you can identify and train lower performers to boost efficiency.

The "Personal Assistant" mobile app - Main

The "Personal Assistant" mobile app

Get contextual information, real-time updates and customer information without disrupting workflow. With the vx Field app, if your technician has no cellular service, the application still collects information and syncs when back in range.

What makes Accruent vx Field stand out?

With vx Field, use real or projected data to determine future staffing needs at the organizational level or based on specific work centers.

Planning tools

With vx Field, you get demand planning tools, forecasting and planning modules, and a configurable optimization engine.

Decision support

A dispatch board supports fully manual or computer-aided exception management – or a combination of the two.


Data model and workflow extension without coding. Adjust performance management and optimization variables as you need.

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