Accruent’s TMS is an industry-leading computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), providing purpose-built solutions for the healthcare industry while also providing comprehensive solutions to manufacturing, property management, education and other industries.

Keeping a healthcare system performing optimally means minimizing asset downtime, increasing patient safety, and ensuring compliance with continually changing policies, laws and regulations. TMS is a comprehensive healthcare CMMS solution that centralizes assets and service across your entire health system, drives quality improvements and ensures compliance.

Throughout its lifecycle, our TMS solution has focused on our customers, adapting to their needs and industry changes, to produce features that allow them to successfully manage their built environment using a complete suite of comprehensive and complimentary product features.

To help our customers improve their delivery of care and optimize hospital operations, Accruent released TMS Online 2021.5.22 in January 2021 to ensure its long-term viability in the CMMS market.

TMS is now compatible with Microsoft’s Edge browser, ensuring our customers can continue to take advantage of this industry-leading product without concern of discontinuance. Additionally, new key features have also been added.

Investing in our Product

Accruent continues to invest resources into our TMS product, as evidenced by several key features included in the last few versions. We made dozens of improvements and additions, and some highlights are:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) method of user authentication is now available for all TMS modules and Sidekick.
  • Web Request users can now upload documents, and auto inserting requester contact info from SSO, AD, or TMS profiles, and request forms support all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
  • Quick Convert Import now has multi-segment imports, better logging, and can access more modules like Vendors, Contracts, Resources, Procedures/SubProcedures
  • Quick Convert Update (BETA) allows updating existing records in TMS
  • Tree-views in Segmentation setup, allowing easier understanding of hierarchies.
  • Branching based on choice selection in sub procedures.
  • Enhanced security on Document Uploads.
  • Improvements to Dashboard KPIs.
  • Creating Work Orders on Assets that span multiple segments.
  • Inspection enhancements, including ability to view Inspections history while on Asset Records

Meeting Industry Needs with Packaged Automations

Another area TMS has continued to grow is in the development and availability of Automation Packages. These software add-ons provide supported, standard solutions to specific industry workflows and allow customers to become more efficient in operating TMS.

  • PM Management. Provides automated processes, data, forms, and analytics to support the 2016 changes in regulatory requirements regarding assets\space in use or assets\space not available when scheduled preventive maintenance or inspections are scheduled.
  • Asset Management. Contains automated processes, data, forms, and analytics to allow schedule management by manufacturer and model, produce acceptance\incoming inspection records while creating the asset record, improve visibility of service activity by recording PM and repair dates on the asset, providing for standardized values for risk classification, AEM Inclusion, vendor identification, and multiple automations between work orders and assets.
  • Pre-defined Procedures. This package provides automation that allows customers to define what procedures are pre-assigned to work orders based on type, skill, asset, or any combination thereof. The goal is to equip your team with the right safety and service procedures immediately, allowing them to be more efficient while also ensure compliance with safety protocols.
  • Work Order Deficiency. Provides automated processes, data, forms, and analytics that produce work orders from failed\deficient sub procedures. An asset is not required, works on all work order types, and will produce child work orders for each created record, including with scheduled work orders.

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