Rising costs, aging populations, staff and supply shortages, and security breaches are among the many complex challenges healthcare facilities face today. In its 2022 U.S. SaaS Healthcare Maintenance and Facility Management MarketScape, analyst firm IDC suggests that healthcare cloud CMMS vendors need to go beyond traditional methods to keep pace with the industry’s rapidly changing landscape.

As COVID-19 demonstrated, all aspects of healthcare must operate efficiently to provide the best care to individual patients and the population at-large. As such, management of the physical environment — including equipment and asset reliability, safety, upkeep, security, and compliance — is a critical component of healthcare delivery, in the same way that documenting care and billing for services are.

SaaS Buying Considerations & Evaluation Criteria

Before a company invests in a SaaS solution, IDC details essential buying considerations that should be taken into account, including:

  • Core functional capabilities
  • Customer relationships
  • Configurability  
  • Mobility
  • Location intelligence
  • IoT capabilities

The MarketScape report also evaluated top SaaS healthcare facility management vendors. This was based on key strategy and capability measures, such as customer satisfaction, innovation, functionality, industry focus, and experience. Based on these criteria, IDC identified market “Leaders,” “Major Players,” “Contenders,” and “Participants.”

A Leader in Healthcare Maintenance & Facility Management

After a thorough evaluation of 11 vendors, IDC named Accruent as a Leader, primarily based on its TMS, its healthcare CMMS. IDC cited the key reasons that it named Accruent a Leader, but the list is even longer. Consider that Accruent offers the healthcare industry:  

  • Experience supporting more than 800 healthcare customers in the U.S., including nearly half of all hospitals
  • Thought leaders with decades of industry experience helping healthcare facilities transition from reactive maintenance to advanced maintenance strategies that reduce asset downtime, improve outcomes, and improve asset ROI
  • A complete suite of complementary solutions to assist in facilities management that can be built to meet the needs of a specific organization


And our purpose-built healthcare solution, TMS, supports healthcare organizations, including hospitals, IDNs, and all types of inpatient and outpatient facilities as they:

  • Leverage solution flexibility and configurability to improve compliance and collection of operational data
  • Optimize facility workflows to improve efficiency and maximize the impact of a reduced workforce
  • Depend on industry-leading security functionality to help avoid network incursions and ransomware attacks
  • Deliver advanced reporting to support smart asset strategies
  • Benefit from ongoing innovations and additional system integrations based on the industry feedback

Accruent — A Trusted Healthcare Technology Partner  

Being recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape is an honor and a tribute to Accruent’s dedication and commitment to our customers and world-class healthcare facility management. At Accruent, we listen to our customer’s needs and support their physical care environments, contributing to greater asset reliability and safety, compliance, quality care, and enriched patient experiences.  

With our proven track record of success and deep relationships, customers can depend on us to consistently “deliver” on our product and service offerings. We constantly innovate and future-proof our products as the healthcare industry shifts, transforms, and reinvents itself. No matter the challenge, we are always there for them, so they can continue offering their patients their best.

About IDC MarketScape

IDC MarketScape vendor assessment model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT (information and communications technology) suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor’s position within a given market. IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of IT and telecommunications vendors can be meaningfully compared. The framework also provides technology buyers with a 360-degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.

About Accruent  

Accruent is the world’s leading provider of solutions for unifying the built environment — spanning real estate, physical and digital assets, and the integrated technology systems that connect and control them. Accruent continues to set new expectations for how organizations can use data to transform how they manage their facilities and assets. With U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas, and European headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Accruent serves over 10,000 customers in a wide range of industries in more than 150 countries worldwide.