Accruent’s suite of IWMS products was recently acknowledged in Verdantix’s Green Quadrant Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2022 report.

This report acknowledges and ranks organizations and solutions that “lead the market as they demonstrate excellent breadth of functionality and strong market momentum.”

Here are the details.

Understanding the Broader Context in the Industry

IWMS systems have long been established as comprehensive software solutions that can help users and decision-makers streamline various functions — including their real estate management, asset & maintenance management, space management, sustainability management and project management – from one centralized solution.

Particularly in the ultra-remote and digital world we live in today, this kind of centralized, easy-to-use solution has become more useful than ever, and it can lead to marked business benefits, including:

  • Lower real estate management costs
  • Increase business productivity
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Improve transparency
  • Maximize customer satisfaction

That said, this is not easy to achieve.

An IWMS system works by combining mission-critical data from various systems into one centralized software to allow for more informed decision-making. This generally includes five key components:

  • Space and workplace management
  • Real estate management and lease accounting
  • Maintenance management
  • Capital project management
  • Sustainability and energy management

For it to work seamlessly and effectively then, all five components must connect to each other, and data must be easily shared. This is where many systems fail. Here’s where Accruent succeeds.

Why Verdantix Established Accruent as an Industry Leader

The Green Quadrant Report focuses specifically on five key products that comprise Accruent’s IWMS suite: EMS room booking and resource scheduling software, FAMIS 360 space and maintenance management software, Lucernex lease and project management tool, VFA capital planning software and vx Observe IoT monitoring platform.

It identifies three key strengths and differentiators for these IWMS solutions:

  • Full lifecycle capital planning and project management. For this capability, Accruent achieved a score of 2.0/3.0, outpacing the competition, with specific emphasis placed on the VFA capital planning product.
  • Asset management and performance monitoring. Accruent attained a score of 1.7/3.0 for this capability, the highest score in the Green Quadrant analysis in this area. This highlights vx Observe’s superior preventive maintenance capabilities.
  • Lease data and accounting management. In the analysis, Accruent achieved a score of 1.9/3.0 — well above the average score — thanks to Lucernex software’s superior lease and compliance management features.

Based on this information, the report recommends Accruent products for:

  • Firms seeking best-of-breed solutions with rich integration capabilities: Accruent solutions can “integrate into a single reporting layer,” which allows for cross-departmental transparency, comprehensive data insights and informed decision making.
  • Facility managers looking to improve capital planning strategies and team productivity: As Verdantix puts it, “Running capital project management activities, such as assessing facility conditions, across a large portfolio can be very time consuming and complicated if managers are using traditional tools such as pen and paper or Excel. Accruent’s VFA product provides broad functionality to help firms gather condition data during inspections using its mobile solution, then forecast long-term investments and model spending scenarios. Firms looking to improve facilities management (FM) team productivity and capital project planning should review the Accruent portfolio.”
  • College campuses looking for a solid space scheduling solution: Higher education campuses need space scheduling solutions that have robust functionality, like automated course scheduling and room scheduling based on specific attributes like room size or equipment requirements. EMS provides this type of flexible functionality for all education and corporate spaces.

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