Leverage Industry Best Practices with our Exclusive Construction Project Management Templates

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Leverage Industry Best Practices with our Exclusive Construction Project Management Templates

Accruent - Leverage Industry Best Practices with our Exclusive Construction Project Management Templates

We are excited to announce that Accruent is releasing a series of best-practice templates for our project management software solution — exclusively for customers. Our goal for creating these templates is to equip customers with secure access to proven methodologies learned from partnering with industry-leading companies to manage over 100,000 site openings and remodels.

As the market leader in construction project management, we at Accruent have deep expertise in helping companies increase workflow effectiveness so that they can solve business challenges, open stores more quickly, reduce costs and increase revenue.

COVID-19 Has Changed the Game

COVID-19 has disrupted the retail landscape, impacting market segments in very different ways.

According to an IDC presentation entitled COVID-19 Retail Industry Impact, grocery, pharmacy and convenience stores have seen demand increase by more than 40% since the pandemic declaration. In contrast, apparel, specialty and department stores have lost nearly all their store business, which accounts for 80% of revenues on average. Regardless of segment, COVID-19 is changing the way retailers do business in their stores.

Among the changes expected in various retail segments are wider aisles to reduce human contact, new merchandising formats to facilitate contactless product exploration, and increased space dedicated to curbside pickups. 

In the wake of COVID-19, retailers are faced with the challenge of reformatting stores to ensure that customers feel safe and complying with government mandates. However, many organizations may be relying on reduced staff to manage these projects, making project management technology as crucial as ever.

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How Accruent's Construction Project Management Templates Can Help

A lack of coordination and efficiency in workflows is a common source of delays and financial waste - including higher expenses, project delays and ultimately reduced profits. Knowing what is working for leading companies and what is endorsed by industry experts can help stem the tide.

In order to ensure customers have access to this knowledge, Accruent combined in-house expertise with techniques recommended by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to create a series of best-practice templates. 

The first templates released in this series provide suggested workflows for:

  • Improved cost and project tracking to give visibility and assist project managers in avoiding project cost overruns
  • Best practices in bidding to reduce costs while assuring the selection of reliable vendors and subcontractors
  • Optimized change order processes to minimize any financial impact and delays due to plan changes
  • Effective schedule management to manage multiple project deliverables and contingencies

The addition of these task-specific templates will help new users quickly maximize success and minimize waste like the most sophisticated software users. As future templates are added to the software, customers will be able to:

  • Allow existing users to initiate new projects more efficiently
  • Help new users shorten time to value by delivering industry-proven workflows "off the shelf"
  • Minimize the complexity of adoption for new organizations and users
  • Facilitate scaling across teams and organizations — including personnel on-site, in offices or working remotely

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A Modern, Efficient Project Management Solution

Accruent's project management software solution enables users to shorten timelines, control costs and improve collaboration between teams. Accruent offers an end-to-end retail lifecycle software platform, which assists retailers in all aspects of facilities operation — including site selection and planning, construction project management, lease administration and accounting, contract management, project tracking and facility management. Accruent platforms currently serve more than half of the 100 largest retailers in the United States.

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