Accruent’s Facility Management solution, vx Maintain, is designed to give organizations total control over their maintenance and service workflows by allowing them to leverage valuable data, manage work orders at the asset level and ultimately drive accurate maintenance decisions.

However, for many companies, there were still inconsistencies surrounding work order data, namely the ability to uncover and analyse:

  • Are there any efficiencies or cost savings potential per region or site?
  • What patterns or trends are present in work order requests?
  • Which sites have higher associated work order costs?
  • What is the status of my work orders across my sites?
  • How does my work order spend in 2020 compare to previous years?

Using recently released vx Maintain features — including a new Analytics Engine that allows users to view work order data in an easy-to-navigate dashboard — organizations can answer these questions and eliminate inconsistencies to make their data more valuable for critical decision making.

A Purpose-Built, Data-Driven Facility Management Solution

The Analytics Engine is purpose-built to deliver clear insights from your work orders data to drive informed decisions across your facilities portfolio. These powerful analytics dashboards — embedded directly within vx Maintain — offer even greater visibility by eliminating the need for users to log into a separate system to access, monitor and visualize their data.

The reporting dashboard interface populates data specific to user roles, allowing you to view work order trends that can be filtered at the organizational level. In addition, the dashboard enables users to see trends across hundreds of sites or simply drill down to a single site.

See trends across your:

  • Work Order Types
  • Work Order Costs

Accruent - Blog Post - New vx Maintain Analytics Engine Helps Facility Managers Make Better Decisions Open configuration options

  • Work Order Status

Accruent - Blog Post - New vx Maintain Analytics Engine Helps Facility Managers Make Better Decisions

With these latest updates to Accruent’s vx Maintain platform, you can seamlessly capture a wealth of data to quickly identify potential cost savings and efficiency gains to better manage your maintenance operations.

Making Better Data Decisions

The key to better decision making is better access to transparent, concise and functional data. Using vx Maintain’s new native analytics dashboard, you gain greater control and visibility across your operations.

Learn how Accruent’s vx Maintain facility management solution can help your organization convert your data to actionable insights with its powerful new in-app Analytics Engine.

Already a customer? Activate your Analytics Engine today by contacting Support through our vx Maintain support portal.