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Published: Aug 01 2017

Accruent for Healthcare

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Stay competitive in healthcare.

Keeping a healthcare system performing optimally means minimizing asset downtime, increasing patient safety and security, assuring efficient service and maintenance and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws & regulations.

"Accruent enables hospitals and healthcare systems to take control of their physical world.”

New technologies, competitive markets, and ever-demanding customers, are setting the bar higher than ever for customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery. Healthcare systems are competing to attract new patients and increase patient satisfaction by investing in the latest technology, more offerings, better amenities, improved quality of care, and lowered prices. Patient care is being delivered with increasingly sophisticated, connected, and networked equipment. Risk and liability continue to grow as competition among providers becomes fiercer. Patients are demanding the highest quality customer experience, safety, and availability. Satisfaction outcomes are quantified and published, and modern marketing strategies are utilized to attract new healthcare consumers based on proven results. Every component in the patient care cycle has an important role to play.

Hospitals and healthcare systems with strong processes and systems for prioritization and aligning plans with strategic objectives will be best positioned to advance their mission. Accruent enables hospitals and healthcare systems to take control of their physical world. Our Healthcare platform provides solutions that shape, drive, manage and control clinical assets, facility equipment, real estate, equipment leases, and more.

Accruent – Healthcare – Brochures - Accruent for Healthcare

Shape and drive plans:

  • Operate more efficiently by identifying and reducing exposure to underperforming assets.
  • Negotiate the best terms and conditions across all your real estate and equipment leased assets.
  • Create efficiencies with consistency of workflow and processes, customized for the way your business operates, across your entire operations.

Manage & control equipment & assets:

  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Stay in compliance.
  • Increase preventive maintenance completion rates.
  • Increase equipment availability.
  • Lower operational costs & capital expenses.
  • Gain real-time situational awareness.
  • Reduce loss and waste.
  • Reduce service fulfillment time.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • Increase patient safety.
  • Improve patient experience & staff satisfaction.

"My hope is that other hospitals will take advantage of automating operations with Accruent. The changes that Accruent has made for our organization have literally been transformational for our hospital.”


Accruent – Healthcare – Brochures - Accruent for Healthcare


Asset management (EAM).

Manage and control your clinical assets consistent with manufacturer specifications, including automating corrective and preventive maintenance.

Facility maintenance management (CMMS).

Gain visibility and control over facility data, work orders, assets, compliance and service contractors to make more informed decisions about the purchase, use and replacement of assets.

Centralized requests & automated workflow.

Improve operations across departments by streamlining and optimizing requests, equipment distribution and workflow for all departments of hospital operations and support services.

Equipment location tracking.

Improving workflow and leveraging Passive RFID & Active RFID/RTLS technology takes the guesswork out of locating equipment. Hospitals can effectively track mobile assets that can be hoarded or misplaced and get back to caring for patients.

Environmental monitoring internet of things (IoT).

Monitor temperature and humidity of equipment in real-time. Predict outcomes and potential failures of equipment remotely using performance data with our IoT solution. The solution provides visibility into your operations and drives long-term improvements in your asset lifecycle.

Lease administration & accounting for equipment & real estate.

Manage and administer Equipment and Real Estate leases in a single FASB and IASB compliant solution to enable tracking of capital and compliance reporting to increase transparent shareholder communication.

Capital planning.

Align your facilities with your strategic business objectives. As budgets tighten and capital investments and expenditures need further justification, leverage a healthcare capital planning solution can provide the data that you need to prioritize and manage your capital investments.

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