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Published: Nov 19 2018

Accurate Engineering Documentation in the Field Ensures Employee Safety

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76% of all workers are required to access their documents while away from their desk.

Meridian Mobile allows maintenance teams to stay in control of their engineering asset information even when away from the desk and ensures access to the latest documents anytime, anywhere.

Expedite project delivery confidently and increase operational efficiency.

Prevent costly errors and accidents with 24/7 access to accurate engineering information.

Available on iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Eliminate errors that impact the safety of your employees.

The lack of mobile functionality for workers in the field can put employees at risk and make it difficult for maintenance teams to prepare for visits on-site. It forces them to guess which documents and drawings they will need on site, which can lead to unknown mission-critical engineering documents getting left at the office and paper copies being misplaced on-site. Meridian Mobile ensures safety or employees by providing immediate access to their engineering information, maintenance manuals, and inspection reports; avoiding non-compliant sites and on-site accidents.

Avoid delays with a single source of truth for documents.

  • Avoid costly rework or unplanned downtime caused by inaccurate or outdated information
  • Optimize valuable engineering data with proven change management process
  • Demonstrate compliance with global, local, and industry-specific regulations

Optimize maintenance team’s time on-site.

  • Easily view assigned to-do lists and complete approvals/ rejections from mobile device
  • Ensure maximum visibility and that tasks are not missed by users
  • View all documents associated with an asset via a mobile device with an available network connection

Enhance communication between teams.

  • Leverage an organization’s diverse workforce and global presence
  • Support multiple languages, such as English, German, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Avoid backlog of work for internal & external teams by approving changes in the field

Leverage advanced search options to ensure safety of employees.

  • Quickly identify all applicable documents in the field with advanced barcode scanning
  • Find commonly used documents easily with saved search
  • Filter searches related to a specific property to streamline the process of finding relevant documentation

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