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Published: Jul 26 2017

FAMIS 360 with Asset Management

Facility and asset management software for powerful, user-friendly control.

Businesses operating with a CMMS have reported seeing equipment reliability increase as much as 30-50%.

An unplanned shutdown due to equipment failure can be catastrophic, but preventable. Underutilized, poor performing and irregularly maintained assets can be an overlooked challenge to your budget and a time-consuming process. A holistic view of asset documentation, maintenance activities, and overall performance can reduce costs and optimize equipment functionality.

FAMIS 360 with Asset Management allows you to view comprehensive asset details and track crucial metrics, such as warranty, reactive and preventive maintenance activities, in addition to life expectancy. Tied with detailed tracking and reporting, you can ensure optimal operation of your equipment and maximize your asset’s ROI within your real estate and facilities portfolio.

A holistic view of asset documentation, maintenance activities, and overall performance can reduce costs and optimize equipment functionality.”

In addition, as part of Accruent’s real estate lifecycle software solution, FAMIS 360’s integration can feed asset data directly to your capital plan through AssetConnect to VFA feeds asset data directly to your capital plan. This integration allows you to make informed and accurate asset repair vs. replacement decisions.

Manage the details with ease.

Asset details directly impact the overall enterprise management, preventive maintenance, and equipment valuation. FAMIS 360 with Asset Management allows you to capture important asset information, such as class, rank, manufacturer, model, and associated warranty details ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

  • Track and manage. Use your existing asset information for new asset creation, in addition to capturing historical data for owned and leased assets to help you analyze portfolio key performance metrics, streamlining preventive maintenance and using the metrics and data to proactively methodize business operations.
  • Increase profitability by extending asset life. Reduce long-term operating costs with visibility into asset performance and expenditure details. Improve repair vs. replace decisions. Generate reports to analyze costs and estimated lifecycle.
  • Access and update while in the field. Use wireless devices to directly manage assets, track crucial information and schedules and respond to work orders while in the field. As a cloud-based software, FAMIS 360 with Asset Management is accessible from any mobile device.

FAMIS 360 is a key component of the comprehensive corporate real estate and facilities lifecycle as a cloud-based software solution designed to manage any maintenance or service requests ensuring saved time, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, with FAMIS 360 with asset management you can:

  • Assess facility conditions. Manage and prioritize all aspects of future repairs, including identification, prioritization, planning, funding and resolution.
  • Collaborate on documents. Tracking and associating critical documents directly to assets, such as contracts and Certificates of Insurance in a powerful tool.
  • Utilize dashboard reporting. Real-time reporting that helps you easily identify issues and take corrective action. The graphical reporting platform allows work to be analyzed by type, geographic region and responsibility, giving you a bigger picture view for a complete analysis.

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