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Published: Jun 21 2017

FAMIS 360 Brochure

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Facility management software for increased operational functionality.

Because the costs associated with workplace asset management consume over 30 percent of corporate non-payroll expenses, organizations are recognizing the strategic role that facilities management can play.

Without a fully integrated system of record for real estate and facilities, data crucial to reducing costs and driving profitability from company locations can be lost, mismanaged, or overlooked.

In addition to aligning real estate strategy with business strategy, FAMIS 360 allows users to manage property and asset maintenance while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

"Cut your maintenance by up to 35% by using FAMIS 360 to automate the work process."

Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Increase efficiency to reduce overall costs.
  • Manage schedule changes and key milestones proactively.
  • Enable cross-team collaboration to prevent costly mistakes.
  • Improve team communication by centralizing data to improve operational performance.

Facilities and maintenance.


Whether you're in the field or at your desk, use the FAMIS 360 Mobile App to update work orders, attach images, or review the labor log.

With our cloud-based solution, you can improve operational efficiencies by:
  • Automating work orders and maintenance activities.
  • Managing work order completion, assignment, service levels, labor hours, and costs.
  • Allowing tenants/occupants to create and manage their own requests, including viewing the status of existing requests.

Licensed users have the ability to create scheduled recurring work requests for preventive maintenance or other scheduled activity using a library of tasks. From there, users can conveniently tie work orders to purchasing for full lifecycle tracking of expenses and work effort.

Designed to manage maintenance or service requirements, FAMIS 360 is a key component of a comprehensive corporate real estate and facilities lifecycle, saving time, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Empower tenants to submit and review requests.
  • Control building access.
  • Reserve and track resources.
  • Increase efficiency through automated processes and standardized templates.

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Additionally, with FAMIS 360 with asset management you can:

  • Assess facility conditions. Manage and prioritize all aspects of future repairs, including identification, prioritization, planning, funding and resolution.
  • Collaborate on documents. Tracking and associating critical documents directly to assets, such as contracts and Certificates of Insurance in a powerful tool.
  • Utilize dashboard reporting. Real-time reporting that helps you easily identify issues and take corrective action. The graphical reporting platform allows work to be analyzed by type, geographic region and responsibility, giving you a bigger picture view for a complete analysis.
  • Manage vendors. Users can securely manage vendor interactions and information allowing secure access to work orders, assets and properties, while providing real-time views of vendor activities.


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