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Published: Nov 16 2017

Food Service

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Avoid last-minute costs, reduce headaches, and protect your margins with software solutions focused on your business.

It is no secret that food service businesses operate on tight margins. Having a well-run operation means being efficient or taking a loss. By combining facilities management, lease accounting, and project management solutions to your business you can boost your margins through efficient operations and implementing best practices across your enterprise. Accruent provides multi-location food service businesses with the right tools to manage your facilities and leases to assure optimal performance, compliance, and cost savings.

Accruent has extensive experience implementing software solutions for complex retail environments like food service.

Leverage realtime data to make informed decisions to grow your business and reduce costs.

Considering the relatively slow growth and fierce, price-based competition in the food service industry, it’s increasingly important that brands continue to grow both domestically and internationally while controlling costs. The Accruent Lease Administration & Accounting and Market Planning & Site Selection solutions can help grow your business while reducing expenses.


  • FASB/IASB third-party verified, compliant solution.
  • One solution for real estate and equipment leases.
  • Manage all your assets across the world with our multi-currency and multi-lingual solution.
  • Calculate rent and lease obligations to the penny while enforcing lease terms and conditions, increasing capital through CAMREC, percentage rent and rent roll controls. Calculate “lease vs. buy” scenarios to determine the best way to allocate capital.
  • Grow your business by reducing exposure of underperforming locations, create “what-if” scenarios to negotiate the best terms and conditions, and operate more efficiently by using optimized workflows and approvals.
  • Manage expenses by negotiating favorable terms and options using available data through configurable reports and page views to determine the best strategy for making improvements and optimizing the portfolio.

Increase revenue weeks by managing and compressing site selection and project times.

Selecting just the right site and maximizing revenue weeks is critical to being successful in the food service industry. Every day counts. Feel confident in your selection with Accruent’s Market Planning & Site Selection solution which provides real-time data analytics to quickly identify, evaluate and acquire the perfect site.

  • Increase revenue weeks by creating workflows, checkpoints and processes to ensure plans stay on track and insight into dependencies that allow for maintaining efficient timelines.
  • Visualize site data by identifying market voids and select the best possible location for your business.
  • Real-time data and analytics enable you to make smarter decisions and navigate negotiations with ease.
  • Select and bind relevant documents in the document repository to generate an electronic PDF site pack.

Save money on large construction projects with efficient project management.

Food service businesses are constantly changing to fit evolving customer needs. These changes mean more acquisitions, rebranding projects and construction projects. Accruent’s construction project management solution is integral to new store planning and execution, including store remodels.


  • Accelerate time-to-open with added visibility into project schedules, reducing cycle times and adjusting schedules in real time.
  • Consolidate project data with all project contributors adding/accessing information in one standardized solution, enabling better collaboration, accountability and analytics.
  • Optimize bidding by reviewing and comparing general contractor bids in comparable terms to make the best decisions and save time.
  • Track projects as work happens, simplify work management, and increase efficiency by leveraging streamlined functionality in the field with the mobile application.

Improve maintenance management and control inventory costs.

Managing costs is an important component of running a multi-location food service business. Most efforts to control restaurant costs focus on labor and purchasing. However, there are areas where significant savings can be achieved across a chain of stores that most multi-location companies currently do not take into consideration.


  • Manage your maintenance and vendors by evaluating vendor performance, requiring adherence to SLAs, managing warranties, and implementing planned, preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Monitor your refrigeration system to save money on repairs, food spoilage, and potential EPA compliance penalties.
  • Extend the life of equipment by monitoring your assets for actionable data to make purchasing and repair/replace decisions for your equipment.
  • Monitor your equipment with remote monitoring to catch breakdowns in advance, avoiding food loss, downtime, and emergency maintenance fees. On average, our remote monitoring solution provides three days’ advance notification before asset downtime occurs.

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