Published: Sep 22 2015

Telecom Project Management

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Optimize project efficiency to drive faster completion times.

The telecom industry wastes an average of $106 million dollars per $1 billion spent on projects, according to "PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2017".

As the telecom industry continues to grow, companies are looking for ways to become more operationally efficient and eliminate unnecessary costs.Operational efficiency is essential to organizations which deploy countless projects each year. Whether your company seeks to improve SLA compliance to increase customer satisfaction, or drive faster turnaround times to reduce costs, an optimized workflow is the key to success.

Accruent’sSiterraoffers a Project Management solution that is designed to compress project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes. This scalable, SaaS solution will help you oversee the details of thousands of concurrent projects. Track all aspects of tower and network projects while enabling teams to execute more projects, faster, with higher consistent quality.

Greater project and maintenance efficiency.


Accruent’s telecom project management software has helped companies manage more than 2.1 million global projects with an associated investment of more than $50 billion.

Milestone and task scheduling.

Establish task dependencies between related projects based on completed milestones to ensure that proper timelines and workflows between linked projects are followed.

Proof of execution.

Require documentation, including GPS-verified photographs, to ensure proper workflows are followed among all team members and vendors.

Schedule visibility.

Use project financials to generate budget schedules and project forecasting to predict timeline adjustments.

Workflow templates.

Automate the progression of projects with form-driven workflows that generate notifications to drive projects forward.

Information control.

Create an unlimited number of user or group permissions to maintain control of data access. Upload and organize documents at the project level.

Dashboards and reporting.

Make data-driven business decisions with pre-built reports, real-time queries, ad hoc reports, and custom reports.

Optimal, consistent quality and value.


With the right people and tools in place, your organization can increase efficiency and productivity through effective project management.

  • Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a single system.
  • Improve accountability by tracking each stakeholder’s role in critical paths.
  • Improve project consistency with templates and proof of execution.
  • Increase visibility into project timelines and SLA compliance.
  • Manage costs against budgets with project forecasting and financials.

Telecom customers using Accruent’s Project Management solution reduce project completion times by 40% over the first few years.