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Published: Nov 07 2018

Integrated Facility and Real Estate Lifecycle Management

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Spend More Time with Your Customers and Less Time on Operational Tasks

Retailers must find ways to increase foot traffic to physical stores and keep customers coming back. The Accruent Retail Platform is the first solution to integrate facilities and real estate management technologies, enabling retailers to differentiate from their competition and offer meaningful experiences for their customers.

  • Improve customer experience with faster repairs.
  • Enable investment that impacts customer experience.
  • Reduce silos to drive business decisions.

Identify Contract Responsibilities

  • Avoid work order routing delays that impact your customer.
  • View contract responsibilities easily across platforms.
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs that are the responsibility of the landlord.

Share Capital Project Information with Maintenance Teams

  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance delays that impact your customer.
  • Avoid costly maintenance projects on sites with planned and active capital projects.
  • Give maintenance team visibility into forecasted capital planning projects.

Sync Location and Asset Data

  • Create and change location and asset data in both systems.
  • Eliminate duplicate entry and spend more time with your customers.
  • Keep responsibilities for contracts and equipment leases current in both systems.

Drill-Through Capabilities Across Platforms

  • Pivot between platforms easily to view key information.
  • View details in general lease information, lease responsibilities, and capital project summaries.
  • Avoid slowdowns by finding the right information quickly.

Accruent works with 50+ out of the top 100 retailers who use our solutions to manage 11.5M work orders, $75B rent payments, and 12M documents.

“We needed an integrated approach to managing our real estate…the entire store lifecycle in one database and on one platform…that will provide value to our entire organization.” – VP, Real Estate

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