Companies often use anywhere from 10 to 15 different point solutions to run their day-to-day business, addressing only a single functional activity at a time.

To get the bigger picture, companies will attempt to transfer data between these systems, a manual task that can be virtually impossible to consistently accomplish. This integration effort either strains existing resources or leads to new staff being hired, negatively impacting the bottom line.

In an effort to overcome these challenges, leading companies are choosing centralized software solutions to address the full range of Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) functionality.

The Accruent cloud-based IWMS solution helps customers gain insight into the entire lifecycle of their real estate management, identify inefficiencies, and produce the highest ROI.

The Accruent cloud-based IWMS solution helps customers gain insight into the entire lifecycle of their real estate management, identify inefficiencies, and produce the highest ROI. With this unified solution users leverage related data across the full range of IWMS functionality, where extensive reporting and data management would have been otherwise required.


Lease Administration and Accounting

Lucernex lease

Regardless of the business size, lease administration can be a seemingly unavoidable costly drain on time, resources, and budget. Combined with an optimized workflow and flexible reporting, along with indexed document management, users can view lease terms and other key data for properties utilized on a company level.

  • FASB/IASB Compliant.
  • Optimized workflow.
  • Manage complex real estate and equipment lease scenarios.
  • Asset-level accounting.
Additional Services
  • Lease abstraction.
  • Bill pay.
  • Reconciliations.
  • Desktop audit services.

Project Management

From a small one-month implementation to next year’s office relocation, the right project management solution makes daily processes and planning ahead faster and more efficient with templates that incorporate industry best practices.

Project Improvement
  • Configure a project workflow.
  • Integrated RFP Tracker.
  • Pre-loaded templates supporting architectural estimates, budget approvals, and financials.
  • Detailed vendor account information, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Track to-the-minute project line items.

Facility and Work Order Management

Provide real-time view of vendor activity with the 360Facility organizational management dashboards.

Proactively manage schedule changes and key milestones by monitoring work order completion, assignment, service levels, and associated costs. Additionally, anywhere Technicians are connected to data or Wi-Fi they can get accurate information on supplies, furniture, or other consumable inventory.

Organizational Management
  • Refine capital planning by managing and prioritizing future facility repairs.
  • Provide real-time view of vendor activity.
  • Create a secure repository of policies, procedures, and industry best practices.

Transaction Management

Complete with inspired end-user functionality to follow critical path milestones, track location alternatives, and establish location-based approval processes by aligning corporate and portfolio strategies during negotiations. Project managers and lease administrators can now effectively manage all project or lease based activities.

Corporate Alignment
  • Track performance on an acquisition, disposition, purchase, sale, or renewal.
  • Negotiate reduced rent.
  • Present data in a consistent format to achieve organizational clarity.
  • Collaborate with brokers, vendors, and colleagues.

Space Management

ems-space-management-software-screenshot.jpgOptimizing your workspace operations has become a critical need for managing and creating efficiencies for multi-use spaces, hoteling, and open floor plans.

Make Your Workspace Vision a Reality
  • Increase productivity by connecting the right people with the right spaces, resources, and technology.
  • Attract and retain employees who are looking for the best office experience.
  • Reduce costs and drive value by using modern tools and processes.
  • Differentiate your brand by making your workplace a physical representation of your company’s culture.

Capital Planning & Assessment Services

Objectively model multi-year capital budgets, and get defensible data to understand current facility conditions and secure funding.

  • Model spending scenarios and forecast long-term costs.
  • Prioritize and direct spending to where it is needed most.
  • Ensure alignment between facility spending and the overall mission.
Assessment Services
  • Facility Condition Assessments: Comprehensive, objective, and defensible data compiled by an Accruent team.
  • Systems Lifecycle Assessments: Aggregate system-level information for deferred maintenance and capital renewal.
  • Statistical Modeling: Insight into building conditions for a focused assessment program.
  • Self-Service Assessments: Ability to capture facility condition data on-the-go using our mobile solution.

Mobile Surveying & Inspections

kykloud-mobile-surveying-software-screenshot.jpgEnsure consistency and compliance with safety standards, brand guidelines, and space utilization to ensure you’re getting the most out of your properties.

Key Features
  • Mobile application.
  • Configurable forms.
  • Automatic data uploads.
  • Dashboards and reports.
  • Increased speed, quality and accuracy of data collection and reporting.
  • Maintain asset value, meet lease and statutory obligations.
  • Consistent brand and safety standards.