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Published: Sep 20 2017

vx Maintain

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Maintenance, Work Order & Asset Management System for Complex Environments.

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Spend by Up to 10% by Managing Facilities at the Asset Level.

To keep a business facility performing optimally, facilities managers must minimize asset downtime, ensure efficient service and maintenance, and comply with company policies, laws and regulations. Every repair, maintenance or compliance job has multiple moving parts — vendor selection, quotes, performance updates, approvals, invoicing and reconciliation. Because these jobs are performed on active facilities and assets, managing them requires detailed visibility into work status, vendor performance and budgetary impact.

vx Maintain Uses Asset History To Help Users:

  • Manage work orders at asset or category level.
  • Drive repair/replace decisions.
  • Track warranties.
  • Ensure invoice compliance.

In a complex environment, you need to manage work and maintenance spend at the asset level to deliver improved performance year after year. An asset-level approach to maintenance can also create data that increases the value of your program over time.

The combination of asset, work order, vendor and invoice data allows you to evaluate vendors, benchmark facility performance, determine best practices and make more informed repair/replace decisions. Whether you are tracking critical assets at regional facilities, or have asset-intensive operations around the world, you can use vx Maintain to manage comprehensive, accurate, current information about your facilities and assets at the level of detail that meets your company’s needs

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"vx Maintain has both a powerful desktop interface for use in information gathering and trouble reporting and a configurable, tiled interface accessible by facility managers from any computer, tablet or mobile device."

Leverage Valuable Data.

vx Maintain gives you total control over the maintenance and service workflow. The tiled interface for location and regional management gives a customizable view into the status of open work orders, facility performance, vendor performance and integrates with our energy, sustainability, and remote monitoring applications for a single facility dashboard. Our open API allows seamless information exchange with internal systems and external service providers to improve efficiency.

Enterprise-wide Visibility.

  • Selecting vendors and obtaining quotes.
  • Tracking job status and vendor time on site.
  • Securing job sign-off and verifying the accuracy of billing.
  • Prohibit over-paying on work order invoices.

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