The Company

Mitton Mechanical Services is a leading UK building services specialist, providing professional mechanical building services solutions for new and existing structures. Based in Bradford, it brings together a unique mix of contracting, aftercare, environmental management, climate control and handyman services. Mitton Group partners with clients across the UK, achieving close commercial relationships based on mutual trust and confidence.

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Field Engineers

The insights gained through vx Field accord us the ability to distribute work order assignments so that our employees can do what they do best. We’ve experienced significant savings in salary and time, and we have greater understanding of what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it."
Daniel Keenan, Head of Human Resources at Mitton Group


The Challenge

An expanding client portfolio and rapidly growing workforce meant that Mitton Group needed to scale up its field service management capabilities. One key challenge the company faced was accommodating a larger client base, a rise in work orders and a 170% increase in staff without losing the insight, knowledge and expertise it was achieving with a lower volume of service agreements. In addition, the company wanted to optimize its asset and facility performance while ensuring maximum cost efficiency.

  • Distributed work order management system pressured by expanding client base
  • Lacked historical data for informed decision making
  • Limited visibility into workflows, equipment health and asset-related expenditures
vx Maintain has allowed us to make better decisions that help us reduce our costs – and reduce the client’s costs before they’ve actually occurred."
Mitton Group


The Solution

Mitton Group implemented Accruent’s vx Field and vx Maintain solutions to streamline and automate its workforce and workflow management needs. The company selected vx Field not only for its ability to seamlessly connect field workers with dispatch and critical customer information, but also because the comprehensive platform includes tools for invoicing and performance, time and parts management. vx Maintain replaced Mitton Group’s manual work order system with an online portal that allows the firm to track jobs from start to finish.

  • Centralized workforce management platform for improved service execution
  • Intuitive interface with time-saving features such as auto-populate
  • Asset history tracking that helps manage workflow and drive repair decisions
vx Field combined with vx Maintain has put us in a strong position against our competitors because it gives us total clarity from beginning to end. Our relationship with Accruent has opened a number of doors to not only new clients, but also new industries."
Mitton Group


The Result

By implementing Accruent’s vx Field and vx Maintain, Mitton Group has increased visibility into and control over its field service and workflow processes, enabling the company to make data-based decisions leading to improved efficiency, reduced overall cost-to-service and more satisfied clients. The system allows Mitton to better distribute job assignment tasks, leading to salary and time savings, while an increased understanding into how technicians operate helps Mitton identify and train lower performers to boost worker efficiency. The company can now show proven adherence to client service level agreements. In addition, Mitton Group has been able to shift the balance away from emergency repairs to more standard and preventive plan maintenance.

  • 3x increase in work orders handled smoothly
  • Efficiency improved by 26%
  • Field service worker idle time reduced from 35% to 31% e
  • Demonstrated compliance with client SLAs
  • 26% increase in cash flow from quicker invoicing
  • Improved ratio of PPMs to emergency repairs