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Connecting manufacturing plants through a single source of asset information.


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As one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, Total SA’s businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, including crude oil and natural gas exploration and production, transportation, and refining. In the company’s Refining & Chemicals segment, Total Olefins Antwerp in Belgium produces base petrochemical products, such as ethylenepropylene and benzene. These monomers are used either in the Antwerp and Feluy plants for polymer production, or delivered to the chemical industry for the production of a variety of fine chemicals and consumer products.


Total Olefins Antwerp was looking for a solution to automate and streamline the change management process. The engineering creation, editing, approval, and release process was manual and paper-based, with limited capabilities to track the document changes.

  • Engineering documents were stored in an unsupported document management system with limited workflow capabilities.
  • There was no direct relationship between plant assets and engineering information stored in the document management system.
  • Maintenance and Operations only had access to engineering documents as hard copies in the drawing office.

“We selected and implemented Meridian to manage all plant-related asset information and documentation.”


Total Olefins Antwerp selected Meridian based on its flexible information data model, ability to manage engineering change projects, out-of-the-box application integration, and scalable architecture. The company’s legacy databases were migrated to a single source of asset information with over 300,000 documents and 150,000 objects. The documents in Meridian were then linked with the corresponding assets in SAP PM. The solution also provided out-of-the-box integrations with the company’s CAD and Microsoft Office applications.

“Meridian facilitates the change management process and keeps control over document changes in engineering projects.”


Meridian is managed by a centralized location in Brussels, with fast and reliable connections for users at the plants in Antwerp and Feluy. Over 120 employees are now able to work according to established management of change procedures, and an additional 600 employees have read-only access in order to find and view asset-related engineering information.

  • Optimized engineering change process.
  • Ability to ensure and maintain license to operate.
  • Improved quality and availability of asset and engineering information.
  • Easy and secure access for external parties and contractors.
  • Reduced document exchange costs by €3 million per year.