Iowa State Maximizes Disaster Recovery Efforts with Accruent’s FAMIS Solution


Iowa State Maximizes Disaster Recovery Efforts with Accruent’s FAMIS Solution

Iowa State

Accruent, the leading provider of Enterprise Location Management (ELM) solutions, has been recognized by Iowa State University for the effectiveness of its industry-leading FAMIS solution to maximize cost recovery during recent disasters that hit campus.

In fall of 2010, heavy rain and flooding caused $40 million of damage on Iowa State’s Main Campus and 34 auxiliary buildings. To ensure adequate recovery for Iowa State, Dave Miller, Associate Vice President for Facilities, worked closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and with Iowa Homeland Security to provide accurate labor and material reports with the use of Accruent’s FAMIS solution.

FAMIS’ ability to create different levels of projects, track rental equipment and labor hours, and report correctly and efficiently gave Iowa State the means to document the event as required by FEMA standards.  This success contrasted with a 1993 disaster recovery experience, when, pre-FAMIS, they utilized a home-grown solution that required manual paper collection.  Today, Miller is “confident that Iowa State is recouping a higher percentage of cost because of FAMIS.”

 “Leading universities are realizing the quantifiable benefits that Accruent solutions provide,” said Mark Friedman, CEO of Accruent. “Iowa State has found new ways to utilize FAMIS for maximum return on investment, reinforcing our mission that Accruent solutions deliver the highest ROI of any application an organization can implement.”

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