May 28, 2020

Distribution Asset Management Expert Realworld Systems Joins Accruent Partner Network

Learn how Realworld Systems, BV has joined Accruent's partner network to collaborate on a broad range of asset management solutions.

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To add Field Service, Maintenance Management and Engineering Document Management to portfolio

Accruent, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the built environment, has announced that Realworld Systems, BV has joined its partner network. Realworld Systems was established in The Netherlands, and has offices in the UK, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia/New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA. The company provides asset management, project management and geographic information system (GIS) services to utilities and telecom customers on three continents.

Globally, mobile operators are expected to make $480 billion (US) in 5G capital expenditures between 2018 and 2020, according to the GSMA trade association. In addition, the International Energy Association reported that 2018 global capital spending on electric power capacity was nearly $800 billion (US). Such massive infrastructure investments require vigilant stewardship and strong support from partners. A history of strong partnership and support has led many utilities and telecommunications companies to trust Realworld Systems to support their asset management technology needs.

Realworld Systems is selective about its partnership and seeks partners that have both deep understanding of its core industries, but also offer a broad range of asset management solutions. For these reasons, Accruent was an ideal partnership fit. Accruent offers a broad range of software solutions that help organizations manage their built environment – the facilities and assets that they use to operate their businesses and serve customers. Among those solutions, Realworld Systems has agreed to implement and support three of them that are highly relevant to industries with distributed assets such as telecom, water utilities and power distribution:

  • Meridian – Engineering document management software that helps organizations keep asset documentation accurate and current and available to all that need it
  • Maintenance Connection – Maintenance and work order management software that helps organizations extend asset life, reduce downtime and improve labor efficiency
  • vx Field – Mobile workforce management software that connects field staff, dispatch, and customer information to improve service execution and departmental efficiency

Realworld Systems is a leader in the field of information support for asset management. Realworld helps clients manage spatial data such as distribution networks for railroads, telecommunication signals, water and wastewater services and electric power distribution. Realworld Systems has worked with dozens of reliable partners for more than twenty-five years, advising clients on policies, architectures, design, develop and management of asset management systems.

“Because of the high expectations of our focus industries, Accruent was an excellent addition to our portfolio of software and services,” says Paul Meester, Director, Realworld Holding BV. “Accruent is able to offer us a number of high value solutions, and their large customer base gives us confidence that that their products will meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Accruent serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide, providing comprehensive software solutions for the built environment, spanning the breadth of real estate, facilities and physical asset management. Accruent serves utilities and telecom customers across six continents and its Meridian engineering document management software is used to manage over 500 million documents worldwide.

“Realworld Systems serves the critical infrastructure industries of telecom, power utilities and water utilities,” adds Hans de Groot, Senior Vice President Channels and Partners, Accruent. “Meeting the needs of these important service provides has never been as important, and we are proud that they selected Accruent as a software partner that is reliable and innovative enough to support these customers.”

About Realworld Systems, @RealworldTweets

Realworld Systems is a well-established solutions provider in the field of Network Asset Management serving utilities and telecom customers. Realworld Systems provides intelligent solutions for Planning, Building, Operating and Maintaining Networks of utility and Telecoms operators. Realworld Systems solutions are based upon a GIS platform and provide Asset Information supporting mentioned operations of its customers. Realworld Systems has offices in the UK, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia/New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA.

About Accruent

Accruent ( is the world's leading provider of intelligent solutions for the built environment — spanning real estate, physical and digital assets, and the integrated technology systems that connect and control them. Accruent continues to set new expectations for how organizations can use data to transform the way they manage their facilities and assets. With major office locations in Austin, New Orleans, London, and Amsterdam, Accruent serves more than 10,000 customers in a wide range of industries in more than 150 countries around the world.