April 9, 2019

Graph Land & Accruent Partner to Serve Asset-Intensive Organizations in France

Discover how Graph Land joins Accruent's growing network of distribution and implementation partners and how Meridian keep documents current and secure.

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Meridian solution to keep engineering documents current and secure.

Austin, TX, April 9, 2019 Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, announced today that French technology firm Graph Land is joining its growing global network of distribution and implementation partners. Graph Land is Accruent’s 111th overall partner and its third in France. Graph Land expects to leverage the Accruent partnership to improve outcomes for its clients as well as fuel its growth.

Graph Land’s most significant near-term opportunity is expected to be bringing Accruent’s Meridian engineering information management solution to its industrial customers. With Meridian, Graph Land will help its clients improve handover and sharing of engineering information, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data security.

According to CSO Online, 54% of companies surveyed experienced an industrial control system security incident in 2018. While data security is always critical, it is especially so in Graph Land’s core markets: electricity, water utilities, natural gas, and telecommunications. Secure and accurate asset information is essential to improving operations, assuring safety, and reducing the cost of asset maintenance and repair within industrial facilities. Because Graph Land’s clients include many public service companies, their ability to control or minimize expenses also has a direct impact on the cost of services to the community at large.

“This is the next step for us as an organization, and we are excited to enter into this strategic partnership with Accruent. Our goal is to intelligently combine Accruent’s software and services and its global industrial presence to benefit our customers,” said Frédéric Payet-Taille, Graph Land CEO.

Graph Land has helped nearly 700 companies and government entities implement and utilize critical solutions such as GIS, CAD, and electronic document management. Based in Lyon and Paris, Graph Land’s expertise in the utilities industry complements the capabilities of Accruent’s other partners in France.

“To support our international expansion, we need strong partner ecosystem. Therefore, we are truly excited to have another top-quality partner in France,” added Hans de Groot, Senior Vice President Channels and Partnership, Accruent. “There is more than enough opportunity for each of our partners to concentrate on their key customer groups. The demand for asset lifecycle information management is growing across industries and we have the right partners in France to serve that growing demand.”

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