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The Essence of the Office: Balance Space, People & Technology

What is the future of the office? Explore strategies for safely and effectively balancing workspaces, people, resources, and technology in your organization.

The Global Pandemic and the response of governments across the world has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. The majority of the world’s population moved into some form of lockdown. These lockdowns were designed to slow the spread of the virus which resulted in a major shift of workforce from office to remote working. Scaled remote and flexible working, long-anticipated as a core component of the future of work, has arrived almost ‘overnight’. But the question remains, how will we use “tomorrows” office? What is the Future of the Office?

Over the past decades we have faced much more challenging periods, think about the Dot-com bubble, or the financial Crisis in 2008. Predictions were that office space was estimated to be superfluous. Due to new technologies, environmental and social changes, the work space is changing constantly.

We talk with Industry experts, Mark Spiering, Executive Director & Head of Property Management at CBRE and Fabrizio Rigutto, Commercial Manager at Flow Real Estate.

We talk about strategic trends before the pandemic, and if those plans are impacted, their predictions on the office space based on what they already see in the market, market trends and why they think that office space is indispensable to maintain a certain Corporate Culture.

This webinar covers:

  • Gain knowledge about the perspective of a global asset owner/investor
  • Strategic Considerations on the future of work post COVID – CBRE, Flow Real Estate & Accruent
  • Gain insights into the tasks of an operator, understand what needs to be managed and organized
  • How software tools can support you to manage the current changes and how technology helps you to stay ahead of the game
  • Q&A led by Industry leaders
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