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Exploring the New Enterprise-Wide Scheduling Features in vx Observe

Enhance your understanding of scheduling and how to create, control, and support calendars in order to optimize scheduling opportunities using vx Observe.

vx Observe, Accruent’s IoT platform, has been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation in the field of remote monitoring. Our hardware-agnostic platform not only provides all-encompassing functionality around the 4 pillars of IoT (Connect, Monitor, Predict and Control), but also offers configurable workflows around issues and integration with external maintenance systems.

vx Observe offers the ability to provide set point changes at an enterprise level, delivering energy savings and helping our customers reduce their greenhouse gases emissions. To enhance this feature, we are introducing a hardware-agnostic feature allowing you to make schedule changes at the enterprise level. This allows users to account for quick changes in scheduling, such as store hours curtailed for the next few day or ad-hoc declaration of store closure for a day.

Many devices lack the ability to hold schedules for different seasons and it can be a lengthy and labor-intensive exercise to make changes at each individual location. With so many different types of schedules, such as HVAC, lights, refrigeration case lights, all associated to different types of devices, this new feature offers a faster, easier and more economical way to adjust multiple schedules automatically.

This 45 minute webinar covers:

  • How to show calendar support functionality in RDM Data manager
  • How to create a generic schedule at the organization level, accounting for different location attributions using the Calendar function
  • How to add schedules for seasons, holidays and on-off closure
  • How to support parent-child schedules in calendar
  • How to use the control action module to create schedule change request
  • How to show the successful change on the IoT platform side
  • How to account for fire control action changes to the Data Manager and show successful changes on the device
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