CMMS, EDMS, and IoT Cloud Integrations

Increase overall efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and automate critical M&R processes with these cloud integrations.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Plant and Facility Data

Centralize Data for Enhanced Asset Management

Access all data and sensor information directly in the Maintenance Connection platform so you can automate processes, work efficiently from any location, and gain data-driven insights into your assets & operations.

Improve Team Efficiency and Collaboration

Consolidate engineering, project, and operational information in one centralized platform, allowing each of your teams – including engineering, M&O, capital projects, and IT – to work more productively, reduce errors, and improve collaboration.  

Increase Employee Safety & Satisfaction

Integrating Maintenance Connection, Meridian, and vx Observe helps your plant managers support and maintain proper safety protocols so that fewer injuries occur, less money is spent covering damages, and plants experience less downtime.

Enable Digital Transformation

Connecting a CMMS and EDMS makes it easy to share and collaborate in real time on the latest document versions, while IoT capabilities provide real-time, remote data that helps organizations make informed decisions, reduce costs, and operate more predictively.

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How does centralized data improve the asset management process?

Having access to critical data and documentation in the cloud is vital for teams who may be spread across different geos. Mobile connectivity is especially important on and off site.

Not only will processes become more streamlined and automated, but organizations can more easily navigate compliance hurdles and remain in a positive standing.

Accruent’s Maintenance Connection allows for the sharing of real-time data across IoT and other devices.

Why is the integration of CMMS, EDMS, and IoT important?

Each of these systems plays an intricate role in the maintenance management process across facilities. By consolidating this data, organizations can make more informed decisions.

Maintenance technicians and managers can quickly refer to real-time information like maintenance schedules, equipment manuals, and historical records, making sure that compliance and safety standards are met.

These integrations also leave room for scalability since they can be utilized across multi-location facilities and adapt to changing needs.

What does EDMS bring to an efficient maintenance operation?

Integration of an electronic document management system helps organizations upload, track, and quickly reference maintenance documents to ensure greater uptime and compliance adherence.

When maintenance technicians can access everything from a single interface, work orders get processed faster, and deadlines are met with greater ease.

This is especially useful when hiring new employees or contractors, as they can quickly be led to this central repository of information to learn important SOPs.

What are potential challenges to the integration of CMMS, EDMS, and IoT?

Organizations may fear that CMMS, EDMS, and IoT cloud integrations present too many risks to pursue including network security concerns and complexity of integration requirements.

Maintenance Connection was created to alleviate these worries, by putting security safeguards in place to protect your systems and combining each of these tools into an intuitive dashboard.

Costs associated with user training and management programs are lowered as well, since all onboarding documents can be housed in one easy to access place.

What types of KPIs can be tracked using this integrated technology?

Maintenance Connection lets you track and display all necessary KPIs for remote monitoring and collaboration. This includes past and current work orders, equipment statuses, and compliance tracking.

Create user-friendly reports to track progress towards goals. Add logos, custom color schemes, and other brand defining materials to make each shareable document exude professionalism.

Collect data across multiple facilities and share them in one convenient report.