CMMS, EDMS, and IoT Cloud Integrations

Increase overall efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and automate critical M&R processes with these cloud integrations

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The Benefits of Comprehensive Plant and Facility Data

Centralize Data for Enhanced Asset Management

Access all data and sensor information directly in the Maintenance Connection platform so you can automate processes, work efficiently from any location, and gain data-driven insights into your assets & operations.

Improve Team Efficiency and Collaboration

Consolidate engineering, project, and operational information in one centralized platform, allowing each of your teams – including engineering, M&O, capital projects, and IT – to work more productively, reduce errors, and improve collaboration.  

Increase Employee Safety & Satisfaction

Integrating Maintenance Connection, Meridian, and vx Observe helps your plant managers support and maintain proper safety protocols so that fewer injuries occur, less money is spent covering damages, and plants experience less downtime.

Enable Digital Transformation

Connecting a CMMS and EDMS makes it easy to share and collaborate in real time on the latest document versions, while IoT capabilities provide real-time, remote data that helps organizations make informed decisions, reduce costs, and operate more predictively.

Key Capabilities

Centralized Document Repository

Simplify operations and collaboration using a centralized repository directly in Maintenance Connection for:  

  • As-built and project documents
  • Drawings and metadata
  • 2-D and 3-D CAD files, BIM models, and office documents
  • Scanned images, flow diagrams, and schematics
  • Equipment specs, vendor manuals, operation and maintenance procedures, and more
Integrated-capabilities-IoT Remote Monitoring
IoT Remote Monitoring and Energy Management

Connect, monitor, predict, and control multiple equipment types using real-time IoT remote monitoring and energy management capabilities like:  

  • Alarm filtering
  • Configurable rules engine
  • IoT sensors
  • Connected building systems
Enhanced Asset Management

Secure, seamless information exchange between your CMMS and EDMS – as well as automated IoT alerts – help facilitate more preventive operations and:  

  • Streamline decision-making
  • Provide real-time, actionable data
  • Decrease manual work
  • Ensure that assets remain in compliance
  • Alert your teams of any abnormal activity or functions
Integrated-capabilities-Compliance and Safety
Compliance and Safety Capabilities

Simplify audit trails and control your workflows more effectively by leveraging:  

  • Automated workflows to prevent human error and allow greater control over document changes and approvals
  • Print stamps and watermarks to provide key timing information, consistency of work, and status updates
  • Electronic signatures to confirm the review and approval process while providing a clear audit trail to simplify compliance processes
  • Compliance tracking, a predictive IoT rules engine, and automated triggers
Integrated-capabilities-Advanced -Work-Order
Advanced Work Order Management

Effective asset and facility maintenance requires streamlined work order management and execution. Maintenance Connection asset management software facilitates this by helping teams prioritize, review, schedule, assign and track work orders and associated tasks.

Integrated-capabilities-Big-Picture Metrics
Big-Picture Metrics & Insights

Centralized data, dashboards, and reports help engineering and maintenance teams:

  • Manage KPIs
  • Streamline preventive maintenance processes
  • Establish long-term changes
  • Continuously optimize operations

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