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The Power of Meridian, Taken to the Cloud

With its powerful engineering document management capabilities, cloud-based technology and validation-as-a-service, Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences is a one-of-a-kind, three-pronged solution that can help Life Science organizations address their most pressing pain points and:

Effectively manage and control change.

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Create a single source of truth for important building and equipment documents and data.

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Maximize transparency, insights and ROI.

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Standardize and automate complex validation processes.

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Replace outdated, underperforming legacy systems.

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Increase your IT team’s internal bandwidth.

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Next-Level Document Management Capabilities - Main

Next-Level Document Management Capabilities

Meridian’s robust engineering document management system (EDMS) can helps provide a single source of truth for organizations in Life Sciences through features like digital workflows, audit trails, feedback processes, concurrent engineering capabilities, electronic signatures and streamlined collaboration features.

Robust Cloud-Based Capabilities - Main

Robust Cloud-Based Capabilities

Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences offers all the benefits of a SaaS cloud deployment without drawbacks like spiraling costs and security concerns. We address these concerns head-on by offering:

  • Management of hardware, software and infrastructure

  • Controlled and regular software updates and enhancements

  • SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certification.

  • ISO 27001 certified data

  • 24/7 support and online training

  • Ongoing system monitoring and backups

  • Single sign-on authentication with Office365

Validation-as-a-Services Provided by Accruent Managed Services - Main

Validation-as-a-Services Provided by Accruent Managed Services

Meridian’s validation-as-a-service facilitates compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11/cGMP/GMP Annex 11, which means more resources, fewer security risks and fewer interruptions for your organization. This is accomplished through:

  • Pre-validated pre-configured Meridian tenancy
  • Customer-specific validation documentation

  • Data migration (in both test and production tenancies)

  • User acceptance testing support and reporting

  • Quarterly updates with risk assessment and validation testing provided

Controlled Automated Workflows - Main

Controlled Automated Workflows

When a user wants to make a change to a controlled document or submit it for review in Meridian Cloud, they initiate a controlled workflow to make that change. This forces documents to move through a defined workflow, which can prevent duplicate documentation and help ensure that all important steps are followed.

Electronic Print Stamp - Main

Electronic Print Stamp

Every time you view, modify or print a GMP document in Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences, a print stamp and watermark will be automatically generated by the system on each PDF rendering of the document to provide key timing information and status updates. This can help maintain consistency of work across time zones and help employees ensure they are working with the latest and most recently approved version of the document.

Electronic Signatures - Main

Electronic Signatures

With Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences, electronic signatures are automatically required when a GMP document is put into a workflow. These signatures will ensure that the correct people have reviewed and approved the document, and that the document is fit for use.

Watermark - Main


When a PDF rendition is updated or created as part of a workflow, users will see a watermark across the document showing its status. When the PDF is printed, they will also see a print stamp denoting the date and time of print.

Document Compare - Main

Document Compare

For both Office and CAD documents, a handy compare tool easily highlights what changes have been made between versions so users can easily identify latest releases, historical revisions and project copies. In addition, when a new revision is created, the prior revision is automatically watermarked as “superseded” to ensure that consumers clearly understand that status of the version.

Automated Audit Tracking - Main

Automated Audit Tracking

Meridian Cloud tracks changes at the document and system levels, thereby ensuring that all changes are recorded in the appropriate audit trail and that they are easily accessible during internal and regulatory audits.

Mobile Capabilities - Main

Mobile Capabilities

Meridian’s Mobile Client allows users in all roles to access content more efficiently and to provide critical feedback to content authors.

Comprehensive Integrations - Main

Comprehensive Integrations

Facilitate digital transformation and maximize data-driven insight by connecting to mission critical systems like your CMMS, thereby allowing users access to critical as-built information starting from their user interface of choice.

Benefits of Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

Simplified Enterprise-Wide Document Control

By centralizing your critical engineering documents, you can replace outdated departmental systems, provide a focal point for change management, and simplify document version control. Learn more.

Streamlined Continuous Compliance and Validation

Maintaining compliance can be complex and time-consuming. The right software solution can automate these tasks, thereby streamlining complex processes by streamlining the validation process, thereby eliminating errors and minimizing the burden on compliance managers and IT teams. Learn more.

Improved Employee Accountability

Through centralization and tools like electronic signatures, training and digital workflows, the right tool can facilitate version control, reduce human error and maximize accountability throughout the compliance process. Learn more.

Increased IT and QA Resource Bandwidth

Thanks to Meridian Cloud for Life Science’s validation-as-a-service and ongoing auditing, your IT and QA team’s time spent qualifying, validating and auditing your documentation will go from months to weeks to days. Learn more.

Learn more about Meridian’s engineering document management system.


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