With costs associated in workplace asset management consuming over 30% of corporate non-payroll expenses, organizations are recognizing the strategic role facilities management plays.

As part of 360Workplace, 360Facility offers integrated facility management solutions to help you improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Facility Management Software from Accruent

Automate and Streamline Work Order Management

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs by effectively managing maintenance work order completion, assignment, service levels, labor hours and costs.

Easily Schedule and Manage Preventive Maintenance

Avoid unplanned maintenance activity by creating scheduled recurring work requests for preventive maintenance or other scheduled activity using a library of tasks.

Optimize Assets and Lower Lifecycle Costs

Extend asset life and lower lifecycle costs by maintaining data for all assets such as maintenance history, purchasing and warranty data and product capital replacement cost reports.

Track and Manage Inventory and Costs in Real-Time

Track your inventory and costs in real-time to reduce excess spending. 360Facility allows you to track costs, parts and consumable materials and associate them with work orders, asset management, and vendors. Easily integrate with your accounting or financial system to keep an accurate record on costs associated with your real estate and facilities lifecycle.

Streamline Vendor Management and Communications

Allow secure vendor access to work orders, assets and properties. Provide real-time view of vendor activity.

Create a Single Source for Company Documents

Create a secure repository of policies, procedures and best practices that your team can tap into at any time.

Improve Tenant and Customer Satisfaction

Improve client/customer satisfaction by enabling tenants/occupants to create service requests, monitor status in real time and quickly access building information.

Enable Strategic Planning with Enterprise Reporting

Gain visibility with reports, ad-hoc query lists, integrated dashboards and business intelligence.

Provide Field Access with Mobility

Create and manage requests, work orders and inspections on mobile devices. As cloud-based software, 360Facility is accessible from any mobile device that has Internet access.

Save time, reduce errors and improve collaboration with 360Facility. Contact an Accruent sales representative to learn more about how our facility management software for corporate customers can help you improve operational efficiency.