• Lease Administration

    Gain visibility into owned and leased property details and the associated legal and financial obligations for your entire institution’s portfolio within your facilities management software.

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      Avoid Unnecessary Property Costs

      Avoid paying unnecessary costs for property by capturing and maintaining information about land inventory and monitoring market information.

    • Identify Expansion Opportunities

      Use information collected on land inventory and market information to make informed decisions on real estate expansion opportunities.

    • Track Lease Records

      Keep track of core information in lease agreements and amendments, such as lease prohibitions, tenant and/or landlord rights and lease history.

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  • Project Management

    Utilize tools to improve and standardize project management processes by consolidating project funding, budgeting and scheduling details into one adaptable university facilities management system.

    • Consolidate Project Data

      Improve collaboration and visibility into funding, budgeting and scheduling by defining standardized processes within your project and facilities management software.

    • Reduce Time to Availability

      Use your project and facilities management solutions to increase your visibility into project schedules and process bottlenecks, which will help you reduce time from turnover to space readiness.

    • Track Funding

      Understand and track all aspects of funding from multiple sources - where the money is coming from, when it is available, what revisions have been made and when it will expire - from within your project and facilities management solutions.

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  • Facilities and Maintenance Management

    Use facility management solutions to automate the entire preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance process for buildings, utilities and equipment.

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      Manage Work Order Lifecycle

      Enter service requests using our easy-to-use, web-based self-service facilities management software, then route the requests for planning, estimating, scheduling and completion. 

    • Integrate Maintenance Processes

      Save time, reduce errors and improve collaboration when you seamlessly integrate your university facilities management systems for inventory control, key control, utility management and more.

    • Automate Preventive Maintenance

      Use your university facilities management software to schedule and prioritize preventive maintenance to increase the longevity of your property and assets and fundamentally reduce costs.

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  • Asset Management

    Manage the lifecycle of your assets, from planning, construction, operations and change management to retirement, with your facilities management software.

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      Evaluate Asset Inventory

      Capture historical data for all owned and leased assets within your facility management solutions to help you analyze your portfolio key performance metrics, such as occupancy costs and vacancy rates.

    • Plan Asset Lifecycle

      Use lifecycle models to understand costs and timelines associated with assets to make projections on expenditures and properly plan for asset replacement. Store a history of all activities and costs associated to the asset – from installation to service to preventive maintenance.

    • Optimize Repair-Versus-Replace Decisions

      Reduce long term operating costs by using your facility management solutions to provide instant online visibility of warranty information, acquisition and replacement costs and analysis of historical and on-going maintenance and repair expenses.

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  • Space and Occupancy Management

    Capture space utilization and usage, identify exceptions to space standards, locate vacancies and analyze space efficiency reports using your FAMIS space planning software.

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      Improve Indirect Cost Recovery

      Track the functional use of space at the room level to ensure timely and accurate audits with minimal effort that capture maximum indirect costs associated with grant funding.

    • Track Allocations

      Use your space planning software to distinguish between space owners, occupiers and functional users at the department and employee level for both research and non-research space utilization.

    • Uncover Additional Square Footage

      View accurate, up-to-date tracking of all square footage in use throughout your institution from within your space planning software to recognize opportunities to fill vacant space.

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