A grand opening is like a well-orchestrated symphony. So many parts are involved to make it a success – hiring and training staff, stocking inventory, merchandising and design, installing and testing specialized equipment, interior and exterior signage, coordinating advertising and promotions, and last but not least, the actual construction. A retail project management solution can give everyone involved real-time visibility of the project progress, so that your teams stay aligned and you can begin welcoming customers in the door.

Increase Revenue

  • Execute on-time openings
  • Open more stores/locations through better project performance and forecasting

Reduce Costs

  • Solve project issues proactively
  • Increase efficiency through automated processes and standardized templates
  • Prevent costly mistakes via cross-team collaboration

Document Management
Ensure data integrity and improve efficiency and collaboration

  • Share and manage company and project documents in a standardized, collaborative online environment
  • View and mark up dozens of file types within the browser
  • Add comments and replies on documents, maintain historical versions and track all activities on documents for auditing purposes
  • Ensure data integrity and ownership with check-in and check-out functionality
  • Create, administer and enforce templates based on your project types and processes

Location & Project Information
Access a single source of truth for all of your project information

  • Store a wide variety of client-defined attributes by location including competitor info, trade area, brand, and phone numbers
  • Link one or more projects to a location
  • Create custom templates and client-defined attributes
  • Leverage a location landing page to view all relevant information for a given location
  • View a personalized dashboard displaying real-time project information

Milestone Management
Complete projects on time

  • Manage planned, projected and actual dates (both start and end)
  • Create, administer and enforce templates based on your project types and processes
  • Adjust schedules dynamically based on actual progress
  • Assign milestones, add comments and view history

Task Management
Keep your project teams aligned

  • Manage and track ad-hoc tasks
  • Select the right type of task – including Action, Approval, RFI, RFP and Submittal
  • Ensure all project task details are captured and are easy for every team member to access
  • Generate email notifications on task assignment

Accruent Cloud Platform
Designed to provide security, efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership

  • Modern and mobile-optimized user interface
  • Broad browser support: IE 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on iPad
  • Granular security model to assign privileges to certain users
  • Email notifications to internal and external users of task assignment or new documents
  • Standard web services (API) for import/export of data
  • Single sign-on (SSO) available

Gain insights into real-time data to enable decision-making

  • At-a-glance KPIs of key project metrics
  • Aggregated analysis of all projects in portfolio
  • High-quality and interactive visualizations
  • Data filtering

Accruent Project Management Features & Benefits

Accruent Project Management is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up to enable you to execute real estate development projects more quickly and generate revenue faster. Accruent’s next-generation retail project management solution is quick-to-implement, easy-to-use, and a key component of a comprehensive retail real estate and facilities lifecycle suite.


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