How does your organization determine which capital projects to fund? Does your current approach ensure that funding decisions maximize your organization’s financial, operational and mission-related goals? Or does the “squeaky wheel” too often get the grease?

While capital projects represent a significant investment for an organization, the process used to determine which projects to fund is often highly subjective. Perhaps this is not surprising given the many overlapping and competing considerations and priorities involved, as well as the many stakeholders – each with their unique perspective – in the decision-making process.


The VFA capital budgeting solution helps organizations utilize facilities capital planning to reduce risk, lower cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. We do this by helping you to ensure that:

  • Capital spending aligns with business priorities
  • Facility investments are optimized to support long-term goals and objectives
  • You can demonstrate a clear, consistent rationale for investment decisions
  • Key stakeholders understand how varying priorities impact capital funding decisions

Designed with input from facilities managers and institutional planners, VFA’s solution unites the art of collaboration and consensus building with the science of hierarchical decision-making to deliver a best-practice approach to capital budgeting.

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