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Managing physical assets is highly complex. Disconnected silos, disparate systems, teams and processes. Mistakes and inefficiencies are prevalent and material. Real estate, facilities and assets are often the 2nd largest expense and the longest long-term liability. It is estimated that over $360 billion is wasted every year. The only solution, Accruent, supports you from the boardroom to the control room across multiple industries. Shape (Develop the strategies), Drive (Bring the strategies to life), Manage (Keep the organization running), Control (Optimize performance).
Today Accruent helps over 5,800 customers in 149 countries take control of their physical world. Accruent helps customers manage over 15 billion square feet, 331 thousand locations, 31 million assets, 59 million work orders processed, 280 million telemetry points, 479 thousand hospital beds, $11.7 million lease spend, 1 million wireless towers, 3 million projects, $130 billion assets, 110 thousand leases.
Our customers have made us market leaders in Transaction Management, Market Planning, Industrial IoT, Project Management, Facility Management, Capital Planning, Space Planning, Strategic Planning, Lease Administration, Space Management, Energy Management, and Mobile Field Service Management.
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