Standardize and Streamline Your Processes

As a wireless industry professional, you strive to stay on the forefront of changing telecommunications, and that means running projects to deploy these changes. The Siterra Project Management solution is designed to help you compress project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes. This scalable solution will help you oversee the details of thousands of concurrent projects.

Features and Benefits

Form-Driven Workflows
Automate the progression of projects with workflows that generate notifications to drive projects forward.

Proof of Execution
Require documentation, including GPS-verified photographs, to ensure proper workflows are followed among all team members and outside vendors.

Document Collaboration
Upload and organize documents at the project level and maintain version control.

Information Control
Create an unlimited amount of user or group permissions to maintain control of data access.

Critical Date Notifications
Generate automatic email notifications of critical dates related to zoning, regulatory issues, leases, construction milestones, and other data-driven events.

Schedule Visibility
Use project financials to generate budget schedules and project forecasting to predict timeline adjustments.

Inter-Project Dependencies
Establish task dependencies between related projects to ensure that proper timelines and workflows between linked projects are followed.

Task Approval Interface
Accelerate the review and quality control of large numbers of task completions through a specialized interface for approvers.

Make informed decisions with pre-built reports, real-time queries, ad hoc reports, and custom reports.

Make timely and accurate updates to project records with a mobile-optimized version of Siterra for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

The Siterra Value

  • Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a singular system, saving time and improving visibility.
  • Improve accountability by tracking each stakeholder’s role in critical paths.
  • Never miss a critical date to keep projects running on time.
  • Improve project consistency and completeness with project templates and uploaded proof of completion.
  • Forecast project timelines to avoid costly delays.
  • Enter data and complete tasks on-the-go with mobile access to projects, helping complete projects faster and improve data accuracy.


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