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In the chemical industry, uncontrolled data not only risks non-compliance but can also risk a plant's license to operate. Engineering complexity increases as owner-operators require data exchanges with more specialized contractors and suppliers. All maintenance, engineering, regulatory bodies, and external contractor stakeholders must have easy access to accurate data and a complete audit trail.

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Meridian Ensures Chemical Companies Secure Access to Accurate Asset Information

To meet the industry's strict compliance requirements, chemical companies must manage massive amounts of asset data.

Read the brochure to see how Meridian can help them streamline document management while maintaining engineering data integrity and compliance.

Speed Up Time to Market by Improving Engineering Data Integrity

Manage vast amounts of engineering information and always access the most current and approved engineering documentation while providing a complete audit trail to regulatory bodies.

Meridian is an engineering document storage and management solution that can help your life sciences organization maintain FDA 21 CRF Part 11 compliance and validation efforts for all electronic documents while at the same time ensuring greater efficiency and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

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Engineering Document Management

Ensure complete, accurate, and up-to-date engineering information and documentation for your engineering, maintenance, and operations teams. Meridian is a purpose-built EDMS that fosters greater collaboration, allows easy access and tracking of asset information, controls documents' revision history, and streamlines compliance for unparalleled operational excellence.


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