Lease administrators, transaction managers, real estate executives, and other real estate professionals now have a powerful new tool: Lx Transaction Management. This comprehensive transaction management solution, part of the Lucernex IWMS solution, enables you to effortlessly track transactions in a centralized location as they move through their lifecycle.


Lucernex: Lx Transaction Management

Siloed solutions cost your organization money and lead to headaches such as miscommunication and missed deadlines. Lx Transaction Management makes it easy for you to:

  • Gain visibility into all real estate transactions across your organization
  • Increase cross-functional collaboration among internal and external stakeholders
  • Make data-driven decisions and achieve improved transactional outcomes

It does so by delivering several core capabilities. Lx Transaction Management allows you to monitor your transactions in a centralized dashboard, report on those transactions, create a full schedule, track contacts, and store transaction documents. You can also track the progress of lease negotiations on existing leases.  

In addition, the scenario comparison functionality allows side-by-side comparison of financial information, building specifications, lease details, and demographic data ― highlighting key differences to aid in transaction decisions.

  • Monitor transactions in every stage with a single view 
  • Build out and compare unlimited scenarios for each transaction under consideration with a sophisticated comparison engine
  • Connect your transactions, contracts, site planning, and project management capabilities as part of your IWMS 
  • Easily track schedules and documents
  • Use contact management to keep track of responsible parties
  • See process steps for executing on your chosen course of action


Transaction Managers, Lease Administrators and Real Estate Executives

Lx Transaction Management was designed with the needs of specific real estate professionals in mind.

  1. Transaction managers. Know which renewals in your territory need to be addressed. You can easily determine what the renewal will look like, what kind of terms you can negotiate, and decide if a lease should be renewed, adjusted, or terminated ― so you have confidence you’re making the best decision on each property in your real estate portfolio. Additionally, when overseeing the execution of a transaction decision, steps outlining what needs to be done can guide you through a particular course of action.
  2. Lease administrators. Monitor, track, and report on leases with upcoming renewals. Lx Transaction Management helps lease admins get the best terms on each location while smoothing the process of consolidating and assembling documentation to distribute to real estate committees. You’ll get visibility into upcoming transactions, access to relevant documents, a place to store those documents, and a method to quickly distribute information related to a site.
  3. Real estate executives. Gain insight at a high level into where your portfolio stands as it pertains to upcoming lease expirations. This can aid you in saving as much as possible on your real estate portfolio while maximizing profits at retail locations. You can also use it as a management tool to guide your transaction managers and ultimately execute strategy faster.

Make better real estate decisions with a comprehensive transaction management solution.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how the Lx Transaction Management solution can help you with your real estate transaction management needs.