By Tim McLean

Facilities management teams can play a strategic role in corporate success. Accruent offers its fourth of seven tips to helping Facilities Management teams save time, costs and energy to become a strategic contributor: Integrate Work Order Processing and Billing.

Integrate Work Order Processing & Billing

Many customers miss the natural efficiencies offered through integration to the financial system. Separate systems can drive increased costs:

  • Additional staff is needed to enter data two more times for each transaction.
  • Entering the same data to multiple systems can expose an organization to the possibility of errors or missed billing opportunities. This in itself creates another resource drain—causing you to have to spend additional time to research and track the errors.
  • Paperwork can slip through the cracks if there is no electronic linkage to track the work from start to finish.

Secure integration provides the ability to share information without multiple hands having to touch it. In manual systems, facility operating costs tend to be updated once a month and the financial team is forced to make operational decisions based on data that may be up to 4-6 weeks old. With integration available to your facility system, accurate cost data is always accessible to the finance team and—even with weekly updates—you are able to spot operational trends in purchasing or project decisions with up-to-date visibility of true operational costs. Identification of chargeback opportunities can be flagged up front and carried all the way through to billing so that nothing drops through the cracks.

Additional Opportunities for Facilities Management Teams

Integrating the work order process with billing is just one way facility maintenance management teams can play a strategic role in their company. Read previous blog posts to learn about our first three tips in the series: Move to the Cloud, Embrace Customer Self-Service, and Automate the Work Order Process. Also stay tuned for posts on the next 3 tips to becoming a strategic contributor. Contact us today for a more hands-on discussion.

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