Within the manufacturing industry, organizations are under increasing pressure to increase labor efficiency and improve personnel safety by equipping their maintenance teams with accurate dynamic asset information and drawings.

To help manufacturers streamline their business processes and ensure maintenance teams receive quick and easy access to ever-changing asset information, Accruent is adding new functionality and integration capabilities to its manufacturing industry solutions. These new additions will help manufacturers to be able to work smarter and become more agile and helps to support safety of maintenance teams in the field.

Seamless connection between CMMS and engineering document management.

Historically, the documents that CMMS typically keep track of range from work order histories to bills of materials, items that systems like Accruent’s Maintenance Connection manage well and thoroughly. However, there are numerous other types of documents and drawings that may be associated with an asset.

When a maintenance professional goes to perform a work order on a piece of equipment, the core types of asset information that they need readily available including:

  • Variety of drawings such as schematics, piping and instrumentation designs, loop sheets, wiring diagrams, etc.
  • Operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Vendor manuals.

For most maintenance professionals, there is no fast way to easily access current engineering documentation while out in the field. Without the ability to connect assets to their engineering documentation, it can take hours of search time looking through various folders in different locations to ensure that maintenance teams are taking the latest revision of a drawing or document with them on-site. While on-site, there may also not be an effective way for maintenance professionals to communicate redlines back to the engineering teams.

With the integration of Accruent’s industry leading engineering document management, Meridian, and CMMS, Maintenance Connection, manufacturers can unify their engineering and maintenance teams with streamlined access to accurate dynamic asset information. Maintenance professionals in the manufacturing industry can easily access all of their current technical documentation with the click of a button directly from Maintenance Connection while Meridian provides a single source of truth for all engineering information to support maintenance safety in the field—eliminating duplicate data entry into different systems.

Ensure easy access to accurate, up to-date engineering documentation related to work orders, download our brochure to learn more.

Analyze asset alarms to improve labor productivity.

With Accruent’s vx Observe, manufacturers are able to avoid unnecessary services by replacing equipment only when needed rather than at arbitrary, predetermined times.

vx Observe can improve asset performance and operations by:

  • Contextually analyzing equipment alarms and automatically initiating actions on alarms that require repair or maintenance.
  • Monitoring performance patterns to detects anomalies and predicts equipment failures before they occur.
  • Initiating customer-specified actions when the risk of failure meets specified thresholds.
  • Integrating with existing processes to speed response time and improve problem reporting.

Connecting assets to a digital infrastructure can allow them to communicate with users when equipment is working too hard, too closely to failure or is performing outside of normal operating capacity.

Learn more about avoiding unnecessary repairs by moving to a preventive maintenance system.

Comprehensive costing data.

Kykloud is a mobile surveying and inspections application that ensures consistent condition surveys, inspections and lifecycle asset management across your entire portfolio. Kykloud’s full solution suite includes:

  • Consistent condition surveys and inspections.
  • Increased data collection speedy and accuracy.
  • Consistent compliance, safety and operation standards.
  • Accurate asset lifecycle and capital planning.

In the manufacturing industry, it can be challenging to collect the right information and create valuable reports in a timely fashion. Kykloud replaces traditional handwritten notes and manual spreadsheets to increase project delivery time and improve client communication capabilities.

With Kykloud’s compliance capabilities, manufacturers can uphold quality standards across their operations and identify maintenance, safety and regulatory issues before they become costly repairs or lawsuits. The solution provides full visibility into the creation, issuing and completion status of assessments with easy-to-use project management tools. Kykloud provides manufacturers the knowledge and data required to make informed decisions about maintenance and planned spend for the future.

Check out our brochure on ensuring consistent condition surveys, inspections and lifecycle asset management across your enterprise.

Key functionality upgrades.

Ensure accurate engineering documentation in remote locations.

As 50% of maintenance technicians in the field now use a mobile device when performing work orders, organizations are being pushed more and more towards mobile software solutions according to "Smart Maintenance Extends the Scope of Enterprise – ARC Web Report".

Accruent’s Meridian Mobile provides an easy-to-use, multilingual mobile interface that gives maintenance team’ access to mission-critical engineering information—with or without a network connection.

Before arriving on-site, users can download the asset information that they will need on-site from a master set. While on-site, users can annotate, add comments and attach photos to documents from their mobile device. If the maintenance professional is working in a remote, offline location, whenever they next go online, all the added information will synchronize to the master set.

With access to view and approve asset documents from their iOS, Android or Windows phones or tablets, users can take swift action on their workflow tasks or to-do lists.

Manufacturers can maximize wrench times of maintenance teams in the field even in remote locations to increase workforce productivity.

Never lose a document again because of incorrect classifications.

Document classification is an essential function for most organizations, as many aspects of businesses such as security and naming convention rely on it. The ability for an organization to classify a document consistency and effectively produces better data quality and more efficient document location.

Accruent’s engineering document management tool, Meridian, can assign to documents a primary location and multiple secondary locations within the classification tree—maintained based on document type, discipline and class.

How Accruent can help.

A study named "AI, automation, and the future of work: Ten things to solve for" showed that 60% of manufacturers are looking to invest in automation over the next 3 years to alleviate the skills challenge issue.

Accruent provides industry solutions designed to ensure regulatory compliance and a safe working environment for manufacturers. Our solutions break down information silos between disparate departments and external contractors to consistently deliver quality products to customers.

Accruent’s manufacturing solutions manage over 500 million documents and $1.5 trillion assets, with around 650,000 users across more than 50 countries. Every single one of the top 10 pharmaceutical organizations and half of the top 10 oil and gas companies use Accruent’s solutions to reduce costly downtime and lower the total cost of maintenance.

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