Break Down Information Silos to Improve Maintenance Efficiency


Break Down Information Silos to Improve Maintenance Efficiency

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Increase Labor Efficiency and Mitigate Compliance and Safety Risks by Streamlining Your Engineering and Maintenance Processes.


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Break down information silos between your engineering and maintenance departments by combining Accruent’s Maintenance Connection, a multi-site enterprise asset management software(EAM), with our streamlined engineering document management (EDM) system, Meridian

Together, these solutions empower your organization to improve safety and consistency, and allow you to spend more time producing quality products.

  • Reduce maintenance delays and improve uptime to efficiently deliver quality products.
  • Prevent on-site design mistakes and lower personnel safety risks.
  • Optimize asset management and extend asset longevity.

Increase collaboration and speed work order completion.

The lack of accurate and readily available asset information limits your ability to safely deliver quality products because of the increased potential for worker injuries and work order delays. Better document and drawing visibility can expedite maintenance work and improve the delivery of field markups to keep asset documentation accurate and reliable.

Ensure quality products.

  • Provide maintenance teams with accurate on-site documentation.
  • Reduce search time for engineering information from hours to minutes.
  • Avoid production delays due to inaccurate information and unplanned downtime.

Enhance communication between teams.

  • Ensure disparate teams have access to up-to-date documentation.
  • Provide shared access to official documentation for both engineers and field technicians.
  • Gain access to markup tools for comments and edits.

Streamline work order processing.

  • Avoid loss of key information that can cause on-site work order delays.
  • Search, view and download documents for asset service with a single click.
  • Access more documents, including maintenance manuals, inspection reports and P&IDs.

Avoid safety incidents.

  • Make changes to key documents and see automatic updates across the system.
  • Keep communication open between engineering and field technicians.
  • Facilitate a seamless handover between engineering and maintenance teams.

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