Break Down Information Silos to Deliver Quality Products


Break Down Information Silos to Deliver Quality Products

Break Down Information Silos to Deliver Quality Products

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Reduce work order delays with engineering documentation.

Our asset management platform combines the maintenance management capabilities of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with the engineering information management provided by Meridian to create a synergistic environment that breaks down information silo between Engineering and Maintenance. This enables your organization to spend more time delivering quality and affordable products consistently to your customers.

Reduce maintenance delays to efficiently deliver quality products.

Prevent on-site design mistakes and maintenance hazards.

Optimize asset management and extend asset longevity.

Remove information silos and work order delays.

The lack of asset information puts your ability to safely deliver quality products consistently at risk with the potential for worker injuries and work order delays. Better documentation visibility removes silos between engineering and maintenance teams, facilitating tasks like finding maintenance manuals and inspection reports, and avoiding non-compliant sites and on-site accidents.

Ensure quality products without delay.

  • Provides maintenance accurate documentation while onsite.
  • Reduce search time for engineering information from hours to minutes.
  • Avoid production delays due to inaccurate information and unplanned downtime.

Streamline work order process with engineering information.

  • Avoid loss of key information that can cause on-site work order delays.
  • Search, view, and download documents for asset service with one click.
  • View documents, including maintenance manuals, inspection reports, and P & IDs (Process and Instrumentation Drawings).

Enhance communication between teams.

  • Ensure disparate teams have access to up-to-date documentation.
  • Give the same view of official documentation to both engineers and field technicians.
  • Gain access to markup tools for comments and edits.

Reduce workplace accidents.

  • Make changes to any key documents and see automatic updates across the system.
  • Keep communication open between engineering and field technicians.
  • Facilitate the handover process between engineering and Maintenance & Operations.

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