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Published: Nov 20 2019

FAMIS 360 Key Control

Ensure a more secure campus environment while eliminating the need to maintain multiple databases.

Accruent’s FAMIS 360 Key Control is a simple and unique solution that ensures the security of your organization while integrating seamlessly with your existing facility data. With the new and intuitive interface, you can seamlessly issue keys from the existing logbook module, and with our reporting tools you can quickly see who has what key, expected return dates and more.

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Increased security.

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Reduce costs.

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Integrate with FMS.

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Access to standard reports.

The most advanced security measures and state of the art surveillance will not make up for a key in the wrong hands. Tracking thousands of keys is a huge challenge without the right tools, as one misplaced key can require the costly rekeying of an entire property. If your keys are not properly monitored, it is the same as leaving the front door open.

Campuses using FAMIS 360 Key Control will:

  • Reduce the number of rooms or buildings that need to be rekeyed.
  • Spend less time tracking and maintaining keys and key assignments.
  • Eliminate the need to maintain multiple databases and tracking systems.

Campus security and facility management officials concerned with the authorization of space access would benefit from FAMIS 360 Key Control. Knowing precisely which spaces are opened before keys are released is essential for effective control. Additionally, eliminating the need to maintain multiple databases and tracking systems by integrating your keys inventory with your facilities management solution can save you time, money and resources.

Manually tracking keys makes it very difficult to know who has keys to which rooms and buildings, meaning these often have to be re-keyed at a substantial cost and security risk. With FAMIS 360 Key Control, users can track the history of each individual key, allowing them to go back and find out who had key access to a room or building at any point in time.

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