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Lease administration software to maintain control and make informed decisions.

According to KPMG's "Confronting Complexity Research Findings and Insights", 94% of commercial real estate executives identify complexity as their greatest challenge and rank information management as one of the top two reasons.

Lease administration can be an overwhelming challenge in information management. Without the proper technology in place, controlling and evaluating agreements is difficult, even with the most keen-eyed Excel master. Lease administrators can miss important details, timelines, and opportunities because they lack the strategic insight that a technology beyond Excel can bring.

Portfolio Center is an efficient, lease administration software helping administrators maintain control and make informed decisions about their leases. Portfolio Center brings scheduling awareness, critical dates, and increased savings to an easy-to-access format. With intelligent links to documents for deeper data analysis, administrators get a clear precise outlook to make informed, strategic decisions.

Centralized lease management, critical date management and notifications, simplified rent payments, advanced reporting, and location mapping. Portfolio Center is the fastest way to pure lease administration efficiency.

Everyday processes made easier.

Portfolio Center provides a foundation to gain complete control of your company portfolios, while complying with regulations and making informed decisions through optimized document management and comprehensive reporting.

Effortless management of lease and agreement details.

 Accruent – Brochures - Portfolio Center

The Portfolio Summary Dashboard provides an overview of assets, their relative conditions and overall requirements.

Organized document management.

Embedded document management functionality lets you arrange, store, share, and search all lease documentation in a single database. Additionally, each agreement is scanned into the application allowing leases from across the globe to be accessed in one central location.

Missing dates is a thing of the past.

Easily track expirations, renewals, rent payment changes, and insurance certificates.

Powerful dashboards and reporting.

From reporting on lease details, lease expirations, and the lease accounting ledger, to monthly income and expense reports, Portfolio Center helps you share the story of the entire business portfolio–from individual leases to an executive-level overview.

 Accruent – Brochures - Portfolio Center

Innovative value and results.

Compliant lease accounting.

Updated reporting standards keep compliance and financial regulations “top of mind” for executives. Lease accounting functionality in Portfolio Center is pre-loaded with FASB/IASB compliant rules, further simplifying the process.

Easy and efficient cost management.

Break down charges and costs to exact levels and/or track operating expenses throughout the year to ensure charges are accurate and reduce overhead with automatic journal entries for lease accounting.

Cloud-based solution.

Eliminate requirements for capital investment and continuous maintenance with our convenient, cloud-based delivery model.

Integration between active leases, open projects, building information, and occupancy data.

As a fully-integrated product, lease data can be pulled or populated into other products to provide a comprehensive portfolio view, resulting in lower occupancy center costs, early renewals, and reduced risk.

In addition, Portfolio Center offers a full-service lease administration option from the Accruent Lease Administration team including abstractions, reconciliations, bill pay, and invoicing.

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